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Wife says barber didn’t cut hair

The co-owner of a barber and beauty shop in Whitesburg says her husband is not still cutting hair in defiance of state closure orders, even though she urged him to.

A story in last week’s Mountain Eagle said residents had complained that a barbershop was still taking customers, but that police had not found it open. The shop was not named in the story.

However, on April 15, Tammy Brown visited the newspaper office to get a paper and complain that the story was about the shop she and her husband own.

Mrs. Brown, who was visibly upset, said three people had called to tell her there was a story about the shop in the paper. When asked why they thought it was the shop she and her husband own, she said there were only two in town and the other one “is only open about half the time” when restrictions aren’t in place.

Mrs. Brown said her husband, Richard, has owned the shop for 40 years and goes there every day to get his mail and work on the interior of the shop.

“If they see someone sitting in that chair, it’s him waiting on his mail,” she said.

She said that she had tried to get him to cut hair during the closure because “I’d rather have him cutting hair than drawing unemployment,” but he had refused. He is not, she said “sneaking people in the back door.”

Mrs. Brown asked that the newspaper put her phone number in a story this week.

“If anybody has any complaints, they can call me. Don’t go behind my back,” she said.

Mrs. Brown’s telephone number is 606-821-5023.

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