Whitesburg KY

Wild turkeys slaughtered at Thornton

Several Thornton residents were left in a state of shock early Tuesday night after a man stopped his green ATV in a residential area and gunned down two female wild turkeys that were grazing a few feet from a mobile home occupied by an 18-month-old girl and her parents.

Witnesses saw the ATV exit a gravel road beside Thornton Park and head toward the mouth of Thornton Creek before its driver stopped and shot the two turkeys, which were among several that have become so domesticated they no longer fear people.

The shotgun blasts fired by the young ATV operator, who was accompanied by a young female, left the occupants of the mobile home fearing an explosion had occurred.

When the baby girl’s mother looked outside she saw the man beating one of the turkeys into the ground while cursing it.

Kentucky State Police were called to the scene and are on the lookout for the ATV, which witnesses said was “smoking” badly. A reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the two occupants of the ATV. Persons with any information about the incident are asked to call The Mountain Eagle office at 633-2252.

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