Whitesburg KY

Will Hatton celebrates a birthday


Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I have been busy all week. I’ve been doing some work I have put off for a year or more. I just got in the mood, and I’ve worked so hard! I may not do anything for the next year.

The bad part is no one can see what I’ve done. Most of it was in my laundry room, where I cleaned shelves and threw away stuff that should have been gone long ago. I may just stay out of there now. I got a new washer and dryer, and I guess that’s what got me moving.

We have a lot of sick folks here. Hazel Ison has been in the hospital, but is out now and doing better. We’ve missed her in church.

Oneil Maggard has been in the hospital and had surgery. I hope he is doing better. I’m sure he is glad to be home, but he still needs prayer.

Aggie Hatton is still having problems and is in need of prayer and needs to get able to come to church.

My son Rob is in Lexington for his grandson Will Hatton’s birthday. Dr. Kevin Hatton will be having a birthday Sept. 17. Early happy birthday, Kevin.

They come a lot faster when you get to be my age. The only way to stop them is to die young. I’m thankful for every birthday I have, and I’m determined to ‘rejoice and be glad.’ I really don’t feel my age, but I certainly look it. That’s fine, as I didn’t win any beauty contests when I was young, and I sure couldn’t win one now. I don’t care.

I just heard another one of our Marlowe boys had died in Dayton, Ohio, William David ‘Bill’ Gibson. He was 70 years old. He was the son of the late Zola Sizemore Gibson and the late Codell Gibson. He has lots of family living here, Kadel and Alex Gibson, brothers and sisters Caldonia, Rita, Ruth, and more probably that I can’t think of.

The family asked me if I had any old pictures of their family. I don’t have any. Alex spent a lot of time at my mom’s house, but no pictures. We didn’t take a lot of pictures then, we couldn’t afford to.

If anyone has any pictures of the Codell Gibson family, I’d like to have some. My phone number is 606- 633-7120. Everyone tells me they love the old pictures I put in, so bring them on.

I enjoyed church on Cram Creek last Sunday morning. Bro. Caleb Howard preached outstanding. He always does.

I had supper with Joyce and Hubert Howard. They had spaghetti, and it was delicious.

I was hoping not to have anyone dying, but I just heard that a closeby neighbor, Fern Brown, the wife of Glen Brown has died. I have known the family many years, and we certainly offer our sympathy to Glen and all the children. She taught Sunday School at our church many years ago. She was a real good lady and will be missed by everyone.

Well, news has been scarce around here. There’s not much going on. Maybe next week we can have some good news.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church this week.

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