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Will state shorten turkey season?

Struttin’ Time:

On the day I write this, nothing has gone right today, and yesterday wasn’t much better.

Today, I received another survey from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, which can’t be good. Now mark my word, we are about to lose some of our turkey season dates, both spring and fall. I know this because they ask if I would be opposed to cutting our hunting time from all day to closing at noon or 1 p.m.

I can’t express in writing for a family-run newspaper how opposed I am to this. Turkey season is short enough, and to reduce our time doing what we love to do should be against the law. The Department of Fish and Wildlife is not going to quit until it has closed every season, forcing us hunters to just stay on the couch.

I my opinion, our Department of Fish and Wildlife Commissioners are anti-hunting. They have raised our license fees, they have cut the number of elk tags, and now they are going after turkey season. What’s next?

I am in my last year of hunting in my beloved Commonwealth — well, unless the people who believe in us hunters, the ones who hunt and fish, and the people who think like me stand up and say enough is enough.

This bunch is out to kill our sport, and hunting as we know it will cease. I am packed and ready to head back to Kansas and Nebraska to hunt. We will get into more detail when I return.

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