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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Willa Johnson canned 91 quarts of green beans

Southern Ohio

Howdy again, everyone! Today has been a beautiful day in the Harrison, Ohio area, with the temperature just right to suit me.

A fire destroyed a business and several apartments about six miles from my house. Everyone got out alright. The firetrucks had to go a mile before they could get water for the fire. It made me aware of something, there are no fire hydrants anywhere on the road where I live!

My sincere sympathy goes out to the family of Dover Cornett, who was born and reared at Linefork. Dover and his wife, Nadine, made their home in Georgia for many years, then a few short years ago they moved to Richmond to be close to family. Dover hated to leave Georgia since he always had such a beautiful garden. He will be missed by family and friends.

Dover used to write me quite often. He had the most beautiful handwriting for a man! He was lifelong friends with Clarence Halcomb, Clarence Huff and several others. I received the following from Clarence Halcomb and I think it needs to be shared.

“Dover Cornett passed away on July 20 early in the morning and the funeral was on Wednesday, July 23 in Richmond, Kentucky. I rode to Richmond with Joe and Bill Halcomb. We were all lifelong friends of Dover’s. There was a houseful of friends and kinfolk. The funeral went smoothly. They had dressed him in one of his old Army jackets from World War II. This was most fitting and there was an American flag spread over the casket. The minister of the church Dover attended and who had baptized him did most of the service. Bill Halcomb, an Old Regular Baptist minister, was asked to speak a few words. After a few words we all sang ‘Amazing Grace’ with Bill lining the words as in the old days. Dover was buried in the cemetery in Richmond where I think his mother and father are buried. It was a very sad day for me.”

I had called just a few days prior and talked to Nadine’s sister, Loraine. Thanks for the phone calls informing me of this sad news. It is always sad to hear of someone dying.

Through my column I have talked and met some of the nicest people. Of course I never see strangers since my tongue is tied in the middle and loose on both ends.

I spent a day with my oldest daughter, Kay, and her 15-yearold son, Jamie. As Kay and I were talking Jamie interrupted. Kay got onto him, I started laughing and said, “Kay, with you and me talking Jamie has to interrupt to get a word in.”

Kay took me to a home she had landscaped; she did a beautiful job. We went shopping for a little while and she bought me a new pair of houseshoes and a CD, then we had lunch at Olive Garden on Colerain Avenue. You might say I was queen for a day!

We stopped by my daughter, Angie Wiederhold’s, and picked up little Bennie, then I went back to Kay’s for a while and came home.

When little Bennie comes in the door he says ‘TV on”! Even though he doesn’t watch it all time, he still likes it on. He has worn out the cardboard box he has played with it so much, now I have to find him another one. All I have to do is reach for a diaper and he runs from me and climbs in the box and pulls the sides in so I can’t see him.

My son, Keith Ballard, put some chairs together for my friend, Linda Hollan. Bennie was right there trying to help him while Keith was using his cordless tools. Bennie had a wrench trying his best to help.

This little tike can wreck a freight train. He has completely taken over my living room and my kitchen too with his toys. I have to make sure everything is pushed back on my counter as he can tiptoe and reach things.

I had a phone call from the nicest lady from Marlowe area, Willa Johnson. She lives close to Bardstown. Willa was telling me that Janelle Calihan Fields was married to her uncle, Wid Fields. Willa has been very busy canning green beans, half runners, Roma and greasy beans. I think she said she had canned 91 quarts. She is canning tomatoes also. I told her I was heading Bardstown way.

I have spent many a hot day canning beans, tomatoes and anything I could grow to put up for the winter months when the snow was on the ground. How many remember seeing your mother or grandmother can by building a fire and cooking the beans four hours over a fire?

I did my canning that way until I discovered a thing called a pressure canner. Oh was I ever scared of that thing! As always I got over being scared and found it was a lot more convenient. I have never really tried freezing too much, as Mommy never had a freezer and it seems as if I do things like Mommy did, except she would have been scared of a pressure canner.

My friends, Johnny and Ann Calihan, have lost another good friend, Catherine Hicks, who died suddenly. This is the second friend they have lost in the past month who were members of the Harrison Nazarene Church for several years. I know Catherine’s husband, Alford Hicks, and the family will miss her greatly as they are a close family.

Johnny and Ann’s granddaughter, Lauren Wagner, is home and improving from her surgery. Lauren’s mother, Sue Wagner, is a nurse and is taking good care of her.

I have a suggestion for anyone who does laundry or cleaning. Spray & Wash comes in a green bottle and so does a cleaning product called Lime-A-Way. Please do not keep these two products in the same area as it is easy to reach for the one and get the other. I almost made this mistake.

Terry David Jones, son of Rick and Barbara Jones, is still in lots of pain with his fingers. He had an accident and almost cut four of his fingers off. I hope Terry gets better in a hurry.

My brother, Richie Hall,has been in lots of pain again with his legs. I look for anytime to hear that he is back in the hospital again.

No one has heard from our sister, Loretta Church, since she left Letcher Manor Nursing Home. Loretta’s daughter, Sue Hall, or granddaughter, April, if you read this call me collect if you know anything about your mom!

Bruce Jones, are you keeping a close watch on your garden to make sure that you don’t have visitors? Just kidding. Hello, Levine Jones, hope things are okay with you!

Hello to Kirstie and Devon. School will be starting before long so you better swim all you can.

Shirley Wells, it looks like another summer will come and go and I won’t get to visit you. With baby-sitting so much I don’t get to do what I plan to.

Angie has been using my car and I am driving the van. I didn’t think I would drive it as far as I do. So far it hasn’t bothered me too much, I can even back it up now. At first I was scared.

Hello, Doug and Michael Ison, it was nice seeing you two. Teresa Ison, say hello to my brother, Wallace Lee Hall, for me when you are at Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Gwen Huff Farmer sure is busy picking green beans; she is putting them in her freezer.

Belated happy birthday to my granddaughter, Sarah Nottingham, who was 10 years old July 29. Sarah was having a campout party in my backyard to celebrate her birthday.

I had four overnight guests. Three of my granddaughters stayed all night with me, Sarah, Jessica, and Katelyn Nottingham, plus my little greatgranddaughter, Samantha Gray. We enjoyed a day at the water park at Miami-Whitewater Park, along with a picnic. If you ever feel you need excitement in your life, spend some time with four girls age 10, 7, 6, and 4.

A lady inserted an ad in the classifieds: Husband Wanted.The next day she received a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: You can have mine.

Keep your calendars marked for Sept. 20, Letcher County Day, Harrison Community Center, Harrison, Ohio. Bring a picnic lunch and drinks

I will say so long for now, until next time: Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email:Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, 513-367-4682.

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