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Wilted lettuce is good with onions

CELEBRATING her birthday today is Judy Fields. Big Cowan correspondent Christine Fields says, “We love you.”

CELEBRATING her birthday today is Judy Fields. Big Cowan correspondent Christine Fields says, “We love you.”

Today is Judy Fields of Cowan’s birthday. She is married to Astor Fields Jr. and has two children, Pam Taylor and husband Marvin Jr. and Grant Fields, and two grandchildren, Sierra and Greg Dollarhyde. Hope she enjoys her day and may God bless you, my sister in the Lord!

I guess someone last week didn’t like my article in the paper two weeks ago. I just wanted to let them know I wasn’t talking about any particular family member — I just meant family in general. I didn’t mention anyone. So I am sorry that I gave a bad impression of me to someone that they had to mention it in Speak Your Piece, that they didn’t think I was who I claim to be. I try my best to live right even though I do mess up sometime. So sorry if I off ended anyone.

My Aunt Irene brought me out some hot peppers and green onions from her garden and a jar of beets from last year. All have been very good. Christy Polly brought me some lettuce from their garden. It was very good wilted with onions.

Thanks, Christy. Hope you are feeling better. I know you have had a rough year. I’m glad things are working out. You’re still in my prayers.

Thula Ison called the other day. She felt pretty good that day but she still needs our prayers. She wants to meet me so Kathy and Eddie Wolfe are going to take me down there sometime. Look forward to meeting her.

Birthdays for July are: Anna Maggard, July 2, Columbus, Ind., 45; Joe Bates, July 3, Whitesburg; Juanita Fields, July 12, Big Cowan, 39; Francis Day, July 21, Big Cowan, 54; Charles Day, July 31, Whitco; Autumn Renee Hensley, July 31, granddaughter of Bobby and Rosa Bates, 2. Hope all have a good one.

Anniversary: Irene and Eugene Day, July 22 (hope you have a good one). They are the parents of Emma Louise (George) Adams and Francis Martin Day (Jenny) and have a grandson, Christopher Alan Adams, Kingsport, Tenn., and a granddaughter, the late Heather Nicole Day Griffie, and a greatgranddaughter, Allysa Paige Brown. May God bless both of you on your anniversary. Keep them in your prayers.

Hope everyone enjoys July 4. Be careful.

God bless all our troops and pray they all come home safely.

I was wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of the former Sandra Jones from Whitco. She was my best friend when I was at Whitesburg Grade School in ’61-65. I would like to get in touch with her. Her dad’s name was Orville Jones and her mother’s name was Hester (Bates) Jones. I called Oma Hatton to see if she could help me out. Thanks, Oma, it was good talking to you. Call me at 633-0439 with info. Thanks.

Sorry to hear about J.R. Bates’s daughter-in-law. She lived in Georgia and was married to Russell. Our sympathy goes out to the family and to all the other people that lost loved ones this past week.

My granddaughter Michaela has been going to Sunday School with Paige Brown and her papa Francis Day. She enjoys spending time with Paige, Marty Fields, and Emily McIntosh. She swims a lot with them. They all seem to have fun. My granddaughter Ashley spends most of her time with her boyfriend John and sleeping when not with him.

Well, I will go for now until next time. “Be round or be square” — don’t let this heat bake your brain.

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