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Windstorm damages roof, yard

Hello again everyone! As I’ve said so often before, grab a favorite beverage sit down and let’s chat a bit. I really hope your week has been good, since the weather is so nice — at least it is here in the Ohio Valley area.

We recently had a severe windstorm that damaged the roof of my house, so I called the insurance company and was told I have a thousand dollars deductible. I thought it was five hundred, so I got aggravated and told the person that if it leaked I would put a bucket under it like they did back in the old days. She is sending out someone this week.

The yard looked like a disaster area as tree limbs were everywhere, along with blowing the wheelbarrow with two beautiful baskets of flowers over. At least they aren’t a total loss.

The clouds turned dark so fast and the news kept saying places up north were bad. I think they forgot this area, as not one word was mentioned about the Harrison area. I was headed for the basement but changed my mind, and lay down on the couch with a cover and fell asleep.

I started out the door to pick up branches when I realized my son Keith had gotten home and had already cleaned most the yard and straightened up the wheelbarrow. I helped him clean up a little, but then my head almost went to where my feet were as I got dizzy.

Well, I wish that was the end of my woes. I decided to go looking for a car. I bought a used one that I liked, but it had more miles than I thought it should have for the year it was.

Southern Ohio

I have trouble finding one that I can reach the pedals on and see over the dash since they’ve been making them with the big hump by the steering wheel.

The salesman was very nice and wasn’t pushy until the last little bit, when he insisted I bring it home and try it out then bring it back that afternoon. As I said, it had everything I was wanting, a small car, a CD player, everything except it was a red one. The payment was in my budget. So I told him I wanted to do some thinking, before I decided.

I had to let my inquisitive mind do some researching. I found the same car with less mileage, red in color at a car lot in Fairfield, not far from me. I called to talk to someone, and that is where a nightmare begins.

I drove to look at the car. What did I do? Get a young salesman that was only interested in selling a new car. I told him that I wasn’t interested. I really didn’t think I could afford a new one, and wasn’t look for a new car.

Well, he said a new one had so many more advantages than a used one, and some of you know the drill. He asked for my driver’s license, and without saying why, he walked away. He came back and said I was approved for a new car!

That is where the nightmare begins. I told the salesman that I couldn’t afford a new car, so he said let’s go out and take a look.

He had a red Hyundai, with 10 miles on it, which turned out to be a standard shift. Of course that was the only red one on the lot, so I tried a gray one. There was no CD player as new cars don’t have them any more, but the liar told me that I could have one put in.

While driving I didn’t notice the mileage, as the miles are just about half an inch wide. He knocked a little off the price because it wasn’t the color I wanted.

Now he also told me he would give me $2,000 on my car for trade in, when they only allowed me $200. I sat there like an idiot, and never looked at the figures, since he never went over them like other times I have purchased a new car.

As I was driving home, I saw what the miles were a little after the fact.

I called back and raised holy heck, and told him I had just been taken through the cleaners as I had bought a used car for a new one.

I got a manager that was as smart mouth as the salesman. Finally he asked why I wanted a red car, and I replied it really wasn’t any of his business. He said that you had a red car, and the police looked for a red car more than any.

I finally said I would write the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau and everything I could think of because he had a freaking liar for a salesman.

Well he said he would give my car back for the price they gave me, and replace the car with a red one that will have no more than 50 miles on it since they have to drive it from another dealer.

As of this afternoon I am going to go exchange, before I do I am going to put duct tape over my mouth. I will never be able to enjoy my CDs as before when I would be on a trip to the mountains.

The automobile industry has gone high tech with something called Bluetooth, and you have to use a smart phone. Well I don’t have a smart phone. Plus they talk about texting and driving, and put the controls of the radio on the steering wheel. What is the difference, looking down to program your radio or using your phone?

It is take it or leave it, and I know I am not the only older person who doesn’t like all these newfangled things that are pushed on us.

I try to be thankful that I will have a car that I don’t have to worry about that will last me for the rest of my life, and I didn’t have to ask someone to co-sign for me

Bill Meade, I am looking forward to coming to the Kingscreek Festival, so please have it again this year.

I may just head to Carcassonne Community Square dance, which is held the same weekend of Old Time Fiddlers.

Does anyone recall that Memorial Day was called Decoration Day? I believe Decoration Day was always held on May 30. How many remember their grandmother and mother making flowers out of red and green crepe paper, and a very fine wire was used for the stem? The red was used for the flowers and the green for the leaves and wrapped around the wire for stems.

If you could afford it you could get a block of wax, melt it, then dip the roses in the wax so they would last a little longer. After this task was finished the roses were placed in a clean quart fruit jar, as Mom called them, some called it a canning jar, since vases were not available, then you carried them to place on your loved ones’ graves.

I longed to go to the mountains for Decoration Day, but it wasn’t possible, as I was very sick and I didn’t want to go that far as my car was acting up and my son had to check it out. Thank God Keith is home, I try not to depend on him too much.

I didn’t mean to leave out mentioning all our soldiers that have made all our freedom possible, who gave their lives so we have this freedom.

That’s what is horrible, is when someone lies about being in the service or pretends to serve their time when they didn’t.

I know someone personally that has a malformed arm, due to a birth defect, and he told me when I met him that he had fallen 40 feet out of a helicopter when he was in Viet Nam. Later I found he had never been in the service. Why lie when the truth eventually comes out?

I talked to Pat Wagner and she is still not up to par although the doctors have changed her medication.

I am looking forward to the time that Pat is feeling better, and hopefully I will have a good day healthwise, and Les and Pat, along with Becky and Polly Hasty and I, can get together at Haddix Hall to listen to Tony Hale and Blackwater.

Happy Valley Bluegrass Festival was held this past weekend. I was unable to go due to health problems, and it looked like rain also.

Saturday I felt so bad that I knew I was in no condition to go, so I started doing things in the house. Well I had one of those times when feet take over my thinking. The show started at twelve and a few minutes past eleven, I grabbed a few items and out the door I went.

In the bag I grabbed was a fan that I brought back from a trip down home, with Mike Watts’s name on it. Thanks, Mike, that came in handy.

I came home with one sunburned leg, as I crossed my left leg over my right one. As bad as I felt, I danced one time with James White of James White & Deer Creek Band.

James had a young fiddle player that he had brought several years ago to a music venue called the Flatlands, owned by Don and Shirley Treadway. It is no longer in existence, like so many places.

Kyle Ramey was about eight years old when I first met him, and now he is a handsome young man. He is great on the fiddle. Kyle is performing with Larry Sparks.

Michael Cleveland & Flame Keeps were the headliner. Michael has a CD with the song that Tony Hale sings for me, Blue Eyed Darling. I had planned to go talk to Michael during his two sets, to ask him to sing that song, but I was in for a surprise as that was the first song he sang, after they came on with a fast fiddle tune.

Later I caught up with Michael and told him I had met him a couple of times, and how much I enjoyed that song, and we are Facebook friends. He asked my name, and said he sees my posts on Facebook.

Johnny and Ann Calihan’s great-grandbabies, the twin girl preemies, are improving. Granma Sue Wagner is still with her parents and enjoying every minute she gets to spend with her daughter Ashley and the babies. Ann tells me that one of the girls may get to come home this week. Please keep the family in your prayers.

The clock is slowly creeping and I have a busy day ahead, that is if I don’t have to head to ER as my stomach is giving me a fit today.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030 email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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