Whitesburg KY

Winter has been rough

Hello and happy New Year to everyone from the Ovenfork Center.

We get in the center when we can, but the weather was so bad that we had to be out like everyone else.

The gutters on the center fell down from all the ice, but they came out and fixed them. Thanks so much, guys, for making our center look better. This winter has been rough on everybody.

The Log Cabin Quilt is almost quilted. Maybe, someday. It sure would keep someone warm.

With our weather forecast, we’ll just have to wait and see if we get to have our potluck dinner. They’re saying snow, snow and more snow.

Our prayer list includes Jean Hampton. She is in rehab at Norton. Thank God she made it back from UK where she had surgery recently. She went to a church service at the rehab and sang a song.

Pray for Jean Hunsaker, the Travis Sturgill family in the death of their baby, and the Barbara Church family in the death of her mother Geneva Combs.

Verdell Sturgill is sick and in the hospital. Remember Pat Brock. She’s been in the Hazard Hospital where she had a stent put in. Remember Hargus Maggard and his family in the death of his wife Naomi, and Orville Collier, who is doing better.

So just pray for all the sick, but remember the lost most of all. When things are going good we forget we need the Lord, but when we’re down in the valley and sick and can’t help ourselves, that’s when we realize we need Him.

Try not to fall and get hurt if you have to go out in the snow. It’s dangerous and you really have to watch your step. There’s always that little bit of ice around the corner.

So long from the Ovenfork Center. May the Good Lord take a special liking to you.

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