Whitesburg KY

Winter has come with a vengeance

Hello everyone!

Winter has finally hit the Ohio Valley area with a vengeance. We really had it mild until February came along.

I spent four days in Good Samaritan Hospital again. That was four miserable days. I was dehydrated and that is about all they did for me this time around. I am changing doctors and hospitals as quick as I can find another GI doctor.

I finally got so sick that my granddaughter Jodi Gray took me to the hospital. I was about to call the life squad when she said she would take me.

My daughter Anna Nottingham brought me home as it was starting to snow. It was the most horrific time trying to get from Cincinnati to Harrison, then Anna had to drive to Ft. Mitchell.

Southern Ohio

Thank God she made it home safe, as the wipers kept freezing. I will never put her in danger like that again.

I could have stayed another day, but wanted to get home before it got worse, yet we got caught in a mass of torture.

My heart breaks for Richard

Caudill and his siblings, who are watching their sister slowly slip away Richard is stuck at home as he can’t get to Somerset to be with the family. Ricky has no car and his brother-in-law, Mike Caudill, is stranded and can’t get to him.

I hope that Ricky has food enough to carry him through. At least he is warm and has a nice place to be in.

I am so thankful as the weather was decent when I had to go through the process of losing my siblings.

As I look out the window at the new fallen snow my thoughts travel back to my being a child at Roxana. I try to remember what we did on the cold, snowy, winter days and evenings.

We had no toys to play with or books to read to occupy our time. In the evening Mommy would take her poker and let the hot coals in the grate fireplace fall under, then she would put a few potatoes under and cover them up to bake.

Oh that was so delicious. We would put butter and salt on them and even if we had already had supper, this was a wonderful treat, as we huddled around the fireplace trying to stay warm.

My son Keith Ballard is outside shoveling snow and it is barely daylight. Keith has been a blessing to me since he is living with me.

Les and Pat Wagner will have to stay home for a little while as they can’t sneak off to the mountains for a couple of weeks.

Hello James and John Ison. James, I hope you are recuperating from your accident.

Belated happy birthday to John Ison who turned 16 last week.

I haven’t talked to anyone so I don’t know any news.

Hello to Doyle and Betty and to Johnny and Ann Calihan.

Hunter’s Pizzeria is going to have music once again on Monday nights. Wayne Haddix will be taking it over, and Tony Hale and Black Water Band will be playing soon, but right now I can’t say which Monday night.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Denver Able of Cincinnati. Denver came to Old Time Fiddlers for several years. He had been in a home for Alzheimer’s.

Denver was friends with Bill Profit, who I met through The Mountain Eagle.

I am sorry this is short, but I feel so bad I can’t concentrate. Until next time, I hope.

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