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Winter has slipped back to Ohio Valley

Southern Ohio

Johnny and Ann Calihan a few years ago. They are originally from the Roxana area.

Johnny and Ann Calihan a few years ago. They are originally from the Roxana area.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! By the time some get this St. Paddy’s Day will just be a memory. Everyone has already been kissed or missed.

This time each year sparks a memory of days gone by. Jack and I were members of Stone Valley Square Dance Club. I am not bragging as we were very good dancers.

Of course I was in my height of glory from hearing Mommy talk so much of her younger days of square dancing at Nora Calihan’s on Paces Branch. We danced at several venues all over the Cincinnati area and beyond.

Stone Valley Square Dancers traveled to Cincinnati to be in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We were doing great and really strutting our stuff with our pretty dresses, petticoats, etc. Having a ball. So help me the parade was being filmed.

I think a little bit of winter has slipped back in this portion of the Ohio Valley area.

My son Keith Ballard brought the plant up from the basement that Ann Calihan gave me for my birthday last May. It survived in the basement, sort of withered looking, with new shoots as the basement doesn’t have good lighting.

Johnny Calihan enjoys the sunshine on their porch, proof of God answering prayers. You can’t keep a good man down.

Johnny Calihan enjoys the sunshine on their porch, proof of God answering prayers. You can’t keep a good man down.

Keith placed it on the back deck along with a trellis for the hummingbird feeder. Keith attached the two vintage hummingbird feeders in place, and filled the feeders with sugar mixture against my advice of it being too early.

Temperatures plunged to below freezing, now it is predicting freezing rain for early today. Ole Man Winter isn’t ready to let go just yet.

I recall it snowing in April several years ago. The snow was so heavy that it broke cedar trees down. It was beautiful to look at, as it layered on the huge blue spruce trees. It sure was beautiful for a week or so in this area.

Saturday, my daughter Anna Nottingham and I went on a road trip for a few hours, which was so enjoyable. Anna works at Christmas Tree Shop in Florence in northern Kentucky, not far from where she lives.

That store is addictive as once you go you will return. Christmas Tree Shop isn’t just Christmas items, although that was magical to me, as if I needed more Christmas decorations. I purchased solar lights that may be for Christmas. I will enjoy the lights for as long as they hold their power. My yard is beautiful at night. Thanks to Keith for erecting the solar lights, as I have small and large in size.

There’s another Christmas Tree Shop close to Dayton, in Miamisburg and Centerville exit. Anna and I ventured there before Christmas, so Saturday we decided to go again.

Spending time with Anna is always enjoyable. Of course we never come out empty-handed. At least I didn’t purchase a lot, as I really didn’t need that anything.

Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. is cancelled again. This is the third time, so Anna is getting her money refunded.

There are a couple of trips that are supposed to take place, it is too skeptical so we decided not to try anymore at this time.

As I look at the videos of the cherry blossoms in D.C. I have to admit they are gorgeous to view. Then I think of the redbud trees that grace the side of the roads as you are traveling to the mountains I still call home. If God gives me the strength to drive, I intend to see this again, if it is a one-day trip.

I did some research and found that Paducah is a special place to observe dogwood trees, along Route 23. So I may just take a road trip. I have several long-playing CDs that a friend, Vicki Abbott, recorded for me. I enjoy traveling and listening to my CD player.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are still doing fairly well, except Ann seems to be having trouble with being dizzy and nauseous. Ann is beginning to wonder if it could be side effects from her last vaccine.

Johnny was able to sit on the porch a couple of times while the weather was warm, but when the wind kicked in, he got a tad bit chilly. Someone placed a cover around him, as he wasn’t ready to go in.

I checked my propane tank. I think there’s enough to last another month. If not, I will order gas again.

I haven’t sowed my lettuce in the wheelbarrow yet. I hope to do that in a few days.

If it was possible I would plant peas along my fence, along with half runner green beans, but Keith might evict me from my own house. This time of year Mommy would have a garden started and peas would be up.

There are a couple of bunches of daffodils that have buds, and four bunches of tulips that are up in the yard. These are over 40 years old.

Thanks to a select few that shared a bit of information about Stevie Ray “Bo” Gibson with John Secor of Connecticut. To me, this young kid who grew up at Roxana, who had a very difficult childhood, and was unknown so to speak. At the age of 18 years old, he lost his life, saving his comrades. I contacted WYMT and no one was interested in doing a small segment.

I am very sorry that I couldn’t give John any information. As a young child I was dealing with my own issues, trying to do the best I could.

Stevie Ray joined the service trying to make a better life for himself, as he wasn’t drafted. That is more than I can say for lots of young guys. He is related and I would be proud of him, regardless, as I said these kids had a rough childhood, with no help.

Hello Mike and Marcia Caudill. By the looks of things, Carcassonne and Campbell’s Branch won’t be opening anytime soon. What I don’t understand is it hasn’t stopped sports, and I sure don’t see masks being worn.

Hello Buddy and Bernice Grubb, along with Chuck and Mike.

Les and Pat Wagner, maybe towards the last of the month we may get together at Haddix Hall

Well, time is catching up. Until next time.

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