Whitesburg KY

Winter is finally here

As I sit to write this it’s like 18 degrees outside. Seems winter is finally here, and we actually had some snow flurries.

So many have lost loved ones since my last column a few weeks ago, and it’s sad to lose so many wonderful friends and family members.

Geraldine and Michael Burnett lost their beloved husband and father, Burnett Caudill, who had been so sick for the last few months. He was blessed to have been able to get back home from the hospital and be back at his home on Doty Creek with his family, and even attended his home church, Blair Branch, before he was called away by death.

His passing has left not only his family, friends and neighbors with heavy hearts, but his church family will miss him so much, too .

Kathy Bridges, daughter of the late Bee and Mattie Whitaker, lost her battle with cancer. Much sympathy to her family. Ila Adams wasn’t able to attend, but Scott and Tammy went to Ohio for the funeral.

It’s hard to imagine that the family just mourned for Arnold, and now Kathy. The brother and sister passed away so close together.

And then the Campbell family suffered such a great loss with the death of “Hoot” Danny Ray Campbell. Hoot lived away for quite some time while he was awaiting a lung transplant, but came back home to Letcher to live with his mom, Ina Campbell, a few years ago.

He took good care of her and she was happy to have him there.

The extremely large turnout for his funeral was a testament to how many lives he had touched here on Earth. His children, brothers and sister must have been pleased to see how many loved him and the funeral procession motorcycle motorcade was befitting for Hoot.

You can just see him riding his white Meter Maid cycle, sometimes even with his oxygen with him.

So many folks have been sick with sinus infections, sore throats and coughs. Must just be that time of year.

Bob and I took Don and Coreen Pridemore and Noah Campbell to Buckhorn State Park recently. We stayed in a very nice cottage, hiked, and ate and played rummy. Deer were plentiful around the park.


Jerry Adams had a hog killing recently. The two hogs were huge, according to Don Pridemore. Thankfully, Jerry had some good helpers for the hard work and the meat is now sliced, wrapped, and in the freezer.

Former Carbon Glow resident Eula Ve Joseph recently passed away. She was a long time friend to Bob’s aunts and uncles who grew up with her on Carbon Glow.

David Michael Blair, a son of the late Arlie and Molly Gay Blair, passed away in Roanoke, Va. He was a brother to Russell and Arlin and had many other family here. A memorial was held Saturday at Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church.

Curl, Claude Dixon and Geraldine Blair recently lost their sister, Irene Hogue. Irene lived at Lagrange with her daughter, and had been sick for awhile. Sympathy to Irene’s family and friends.

The KET Collectibles show, that was recently filmed at the Highway 7 Antique Alley stores, came on KET on Jan. 2 and 3. It was a short segment, but we appreciated them coming up to do the story.

If you have a computer, you can type in: KETCollectibles and go on their website to watch it. It’s the American Firearm and Antique Alley episode, and our feature comes on about in the middle of the show.

I’m a little late saying it, but happy New Year to everyone, and have a great week.

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