Whitesburg KY

Winter storms are coming again

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone!

Today is such a beautiful springlike day it is hard to believe tonight is supposed to be horrible. We are supposed to get a winter storm with lots of freezing rain, snow and the whole ball of whatever. I am not stingy. I will gladly give my share to whoever wants it as I’ve had enough cold to last me for the next two winters.

My computer is still down so I am once again at my daughter Angie Wiederhold’s trying to use her computer with lots of help from my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold, who sees every mistake I make.

I had to send something important, but I didn’t know how to print the document off. As I was writing down information, Bennie asked me if I needed to print it. I told him I didn’t know how, so he showed me how to increase the size and to push the icon that had printer.

Bennie is just seven years old and knows more about a computer than me.

Somehow I seemed to let time escape me as Monday was time for Tony Hale and Black Water bluegrass band at Hunter’s Pizzeria.

I almost called Les and Pat Wagner to see if it was the night since Tony’s schedule was changed.

Since I wasn’t feeling up to par, I decided against it. When I turned my cell phone on later I had a song playing by Tony. Someone had decided since I wasn’t there I could at least listen to my favorite song, “You Will Always Be My Blue-eyed Darling”. Les decided to send me part of the song.

Pat isn’t feeling her best as she has a cold. Les said he didn’t give it to her as he isn’t sharing anything. I called him stingy.

Hello to Larry and Becky Hasty. Larry was in the hospital for a few days with hip surgery. I hope Larry gets home before the cold nasty weather gets here.

Les and Pat have been very concerned about two of Les and Becky’s aunts, who aren’t in very good health. It seems there are heartaches in every family.

James and John Ison, I really miss chatting with you two online. I will be glad when my computer is fixed or I decide to get another one.

There’s just so much more that I need right now that seems more important than a computer, yet I do miss it so much. Trying to use someone else’s is so different.

Doyle and Betty Ison still aren’t getting out too much because of the weather. I have stayed home more the past month than I can ever remember.

I have survived without a furnace for a month now. Who says a woman from the mountains can’t make do?

Friday afternoon I came home to another catastrophe. My cold water froze in the shower so I left the hot water run just slightly. I was gone several hours, and when I got home the tub somehow hadn’t drained. Water was at top level. Had I been gone a little longer I would have really been in trouble.

I shut the water off and grabbed the plunger to no avail. A friend called at the time this was going on, and I was at my wit’s end.

I really don’t know how much more I can stand of things going wrong, and wonder why everything is happening to me.

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall, I did talk to Jerry and Mattie for a few minutes.

Until next time.

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