Whitesburg KY

Winter’s still here, snow is beautiful

Big Cowan

Winter is still here. The snow is beautiful, I just hate to be stranded.

I went and visited Mary Ann Maggard for about an hour the other day. I apologized to her for not coming up very much to visit. We had a nice visit. She is doing some better but still needs to be in our prayers.

I heard that Mary Lou Fields fell and is in Pikeville Hospital. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Astor Fields Jr. is doing some better. They have been waiting for his blood levels to come up. Keep him in your prayers.

Allen Pack still needs our prayers.

Irene finally was able to come out and visit on one of the pretty days. She and Eugene still need to be in our prayers. They don’t get out too much in this bad weather. I don’t blame them, I don’t either unless I have to.

My husband’s niece in Indiana had a heart attack and surgery all in one day. She had two stents put in and in about two weeks she goes back in for the same thing. She is home and was doing very well until she woke up one morning gasping for breath, then she got scared. Pray that she will be OK. Her name is Phyllis Fields. She is in her 40s and has children and grandchildren and she is afraid she won’t live to see her grandchildren grown. She just lost her dad a few months ago. So keep her in your prayers.

I bet most parents were glad that their kids finally went back to school. Wonder if they will be out again this week.

My brother Archie will probably hibernate for a few days. His hollow usually gets pretty slick and he can’t get out. I am glad I love close to the road so if we have to go, we can.

I wanted to say hello to all the readers and hope all of you have a good year and may God bless all of you with good health.

Until next time, attend the church of your choice. Be good to one another.

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