Whitesburg KY

Wishing a late merry Christmas

To the Editor:

I feel like God wanted me to write and wish all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. It seems like the lonely get lonelier and the cheerful get more cheerful. God loves us all and why we feel low time will answer. Like always, time does answer even after we fall asleep.

Now a little about where I fit into Whitesburg. My mom’s name was Annie Webb from Leslie Webb and Elizabeth Webb’s side of the family, and my dad was Eugene Cornett, son of Clifton and Drinda Cornett, my grandparents. I lost my leg when I was 10 years old because it wouldn’t grow. Both grandparents had children, above 10 of them, so I’ve got at least 20 more children who are my aunts and uncles.

If you print this, please send me a paper so I can read it in the paper. I am on a fixed income.

Dad and Grandpa Cornett buried my leg which was amputated when I was 10 years old. Dad had me a Schwinn bike ready when I was ready after healing. Dad had a son that went to Vietnam who was stationed at Danang and came home. Who knows? The war did a lot of the veterans who needed approval instead of people picking on them. They only did what Uncle Sam told them. They had no choice in the matter unless they went to Mexico or Canada.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

BILLY CORNETT North Vernon, Ind.

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