Whitesburg KY

Wishing a most blessed Thanksgiving

Northeast Ohio

Hello all, I hope you are having a nicer day weatherwise than we here in this area. It’s a damp, dark, dreary, drizzly day, but I do have to say, there is no wind and not too cold.

I hope this finds everyone well and getting ready for the big day. It’s Thanksgiving but every day should be a day of thanksgiving. I’m thankful each day when I can open my eyes and see the sweet face of my dear husband, rise up and walk, hear the sound of traffic on the street and birds singing in their season, and being able to do what must be done. Granted, that isn’t a whole lot nowadays. I seem to be like a clock that needs winding up now and then.

I had a telephone conversation with the nicest lady. I have never met her but I could tell. Hello Kathy Hofmann in Erlinger. And hello to your sister in Michigan. You just know they are special because they are from down home, Isom.

I called my sister Sarah Belle. She’d spent a few days at a hospital in Cincinnati, but I still don’t know just what was wrong. The last time I called was the day after she got home. I called during a nap so she wasn’t too awake, so I didn’t talk long.

I talked to Georgia and they are all OK. The Sergents and Resors will be having Thanksgiving dinner at the church where they all attend. It will be in their lunchroom. Richard’s two are both married to a Resor brother and sister, Debbie and Billy Resor and Ricky and Joyce (Resor) Sergent. Between the two families Richard and Georgia have nine grandchildren.

I have to write a retraction. This morning we did have less than perfect weather but there has been a big change, and it’s beautiful now and the sun is spilling all over the place. My apologies and thanks to Mother Nature.

To the ones who say they miss my mountain words and phrases, so do I. I guess it’s part of modern progress. I do believe there’s a newfangled contraption that dots the i’s and crosses the t’s and in general puts everything in the right and proper place. Sometimes I get a mite homesick or feel nostalgic, and that’s when the mountain part of me starts showing, especially in speech. I really do like our way of speaking.

I’m thinking about going out to one of the orchards close by to see if they maybe have some dried apples. Charles and Delores are bringing me some molasses from Kentucky. They will be here Tuesday so I will still have time to bake a stack cake. It’s just something we have Thanksgiving and Christmas, and sometimes for company. I really don’t make too many during the year.

I haven’t heard from Bill and Redia as they are probably working on the big load of clothes they picked up.

I finished the quilt I was working on upstairs, and hemmed it last night. It’s a tumbler (glass) pattern, and turned out quite well. I’m still working on the one downstairs.

Catharine and Jeremy will be spending Thanksgiving with Jeremy’s sister, her family and his mother in Columbus. I don’t know what everyone else has planned, as they are starting their own traditions with their families.

To Oma Hatton, Rose Ballard, Dorothy Potter, Nellie Banks and family, Gladys Smith, Greta Joseph, all my friends at Antioch Church, all my family and friends and to all the employees at The Mountain Eagle, I wish you a most blessed Thanksgiving Day. Just don’t overeat (my downfall) so there will be no tummy aches. We all have so much to be thankful for.

Bill and Redia stopped by late this afternoon and I was right, they picked up work clothes in the morning and were trying to get the truck unloaded. After they left I had my daily nap and I’m still about half asleep.

While they were here we decided to combine our dinners and all eat together. Now we have to decide who’s fixing what. We only have to cook for six.

Red got a call from his niece Terri (Hunsucker) Shortt, who said her mother Jean was back in the hospital. I don’t really know just how she is and what is wrong, but when they find out someone will call him. They are really good to keep him informed. Keep her in your prayers and all others who aren’t feeling well, whether in hospitals, nursing homes, their own homes or wherever they may be.

You all have a great day, a better week. Stay well, stay warm and share a smile. May your hearts be filled with peace, love and prayers.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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