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With Parcel Return Services, returning mistakes is easy

Did you order that new shirt in sky blue, but get muddy brown instead? Ask for size “XL” but get “XS” by mistake?

Chances are that your retailer included in the package an easy way to send back errors. That’s because many retailers large and small are using Parcel Return Services from the U.S. Postal Service.

Participating merchants include a special shipping label or easy instructions on how to download the label from the Internet. Both labels come with the postage already paid. Then, all you have to do is seal up the package, affix the label, and give it to the letter carrier or drop it off at the Post Office – no payment is required and no hunting all over town for an approved drop-off point like some other shippers require.

Retailers who use Parcel Return Services can even choose where the mistake should back to go – to the original shipping office or to another location for faster, easier, cheaper pickup and processing.

Parcel Return Services – it’s just one more way your Postal Service is delivering the right services at the right price for American consumers and businesses.

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