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Without a GPS, I guess you have to stop to get directions

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone! Have you been enjoying the warm weather, as I think summer finally arrived a couple of weeks early, and the rain sure hasn’t been plentiful.

My son Keith Ballard seems to be able to mow in between rain drops.

My flowers aren’t as pretty this year because of so much rain. Oh well at least we aren’t having to drag the water hose across the yard Ike Adams who writes for several newspapers including The Mountain Eagle. He sent me some babe bean seed and I planted them along the fence behind my irises. A week later they came up and now they are almost ready to hoe.

Please remember Ike Adams in your prayers as he is going through serious health issues. I met Ike and Loretta several years at Blackey Days which I have enjoyed Ike’s column in The Mountain Eagle as far back as I can remember.

As I start this column my thoughts are returning to the mountains that I call home in my heart. A couple of weeks ago when Daphne Korner and I were enjoying a few days finally getting the task of going to two cemeteries to place a few flowers on the loved ones that have been gone for so many years.

Once again I will say thanks to Billy Collier and my niece Sue Hall. for being kind enough to take Daphne and me.

Now that the road has been graded and in fairly good condition, I really don’t think my Honda Fit is built to travel it, as it is low to the ground.

It has been several years since I’ve driven to Big Branch Cemetery. I am afraid of getting in a tight spot and maybe have to back up, which is not my favorite thing to do.

A couple of years ago Vickie Power and I were on an adventure to Cincinnati. I turned down a side street which ended suddenly as it was blocked. Now this was an iffy situation as it was narrow, I almost asked Vickie if she would back the 2018 Hyundai for me, then I thought I got into this mess so I will get myself out, now this was a block long, in fact the longest block I will ever see. When I was out of that situation, I said a silent thank you God.

Oh quit laughing I can get to where I want to go, I really don’t like to parallel park between two cars, yes I can do that too.

While I am on the subject of driving I may as well admit I don’t know north from south nor east from west either, yet I seem to get where I want to and find my way back home.

Several years ago, I was telling my ex- husband about a trio to the Smoky mountains with two of my grandchildren well he replied that he didn’t know how I had driven that far not knowing my direction.

What he didn’t realize back then I didn’t have such a thing as GPS or a computer, so I followed signs to Tennessee, then when I couldn’t remember, I stopped to ask for direction.

I believe my niece Sue Hall is one of the best drivers as far as backing a vehicle that I have ever seen. Sue has some other faults that I don’t agree with.

Now I may be hitching to get where I want to go when I am in the mountains. No Billy will come to my rescue.

It seems I have someone else in my life that really came to my rescue, this thing-a-mig called Facebook get changed in the blink of an eye. Somehow it messed with my settings.

Since I am not tech savvy, a very special person, Cheri Lang was kind enough to spend over an hour figuring out what had gone wrong. Oh to be that smart as she solved the problem.

My granddaughter Kate Nottingham has been taking some virtual training for West Point. I am bursting with pride for Katie.

Since Katie is a junior in high school, she will have a little time before she does anything. This young woman has excelled in everything that she has gotten involved in.

There’s something going on in Harrison at the present time, that is so wonderful.

Wednesday as I was sitting in front of my computer, I glanced up to see flashing lights on the road, as I got to the front door, to see several police motorcycles.

Then a couple more things, all of a sudden I observed the moving Veterans Wall, then I suddenly realized what I was actually seeing, there must have been over a hundred motorcycles in succession following the wall.

As I stood on the porch waving, the tears were falling as I realized exactly what was happening before my eyes.

It will be on display this morning, Daphne Korner and I have a hectic day ahead of us as we have plans, so I hope we can get to see the Veterans Wall before we set out on our journey. More about that later.

I finally talked to Pat Wagner, after a long time of not corresponding, Pat is still having health issues,

Les did go to enjoy Tony Hale & Blackwater Band at Haddix Hall, formerly Hunters Pizzeria. I seem to forget each time Tony performs.

Johnny and Ann are still doing fairly, Ann finally got to the hospital to visit their daughter Carol who is doing very good, Please keep Carol in your prayers. This may be the shortest column, until next time.

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