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Mostly sunny

Wives join husbands for Thanksgiving at Veterans Center


Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well and have had your fill of turkey. I had a birthday right in the middle of it and I know how a stuffed turkey feels. I enjoyed all of it.

Shirley Breeding and I had Thanksgiving dinner at the Veterans Center with our husbands. Larue and Rachel Ann were there to eat with James Breeding. There was a large crowd there.

Later on that evening, my sons, Rob and Billy, had a surprise dinner for me and lots of my brothers and sisters were there. My new great-grandbaby, “Annie”, was there with her parents, Jamie and Julie Hatton. She was the star of the show. I think everyone at Pine Mountain Grill stopped by to see her. She is so beautiful! Everyone thought so also.

I went up to the Ermine Center for their Thanksgiving buffet dinner. It was good seeing everyone. The Kurackas, Metry and Lorraine, I hadn’t seen in a while. Lorraine is so good to visit Letcher Manor and is so good to all of them. I enjoyed seeing Janice Foster – she is always smiling – and Bill Maggard was there, I think for the first time. Joe Walker, your cornbread was delicious! They had some items they had sold chances on. Bennett Combs won the afghan that Mable Absher made, and Lorraine Banks Blair won the quilt. I’m not sure who made it. Everyone wanted it, but Lorraine wouldn’t give it up. They also had some door prizes. Gracie Wynn, Jimmy Craft, and Andrew Sexton won them. It was all enjoyable. It’s always good getting together with friends.

Thank you, Ava and Arthur King, for my pretty musical card. I loved it! And thank you, Dorthy Tacket and Maudella Fugate, for your cards and also all the rest and of course thanks for the ones from my family. I got a lot and loved all of them.

Eva Sergent called and wished me a happy birthday. She spent Thanksgiving in Georgetown with her grandson, Ben Drewer, and his family. She enjoyed the baby and of course everyone else. She loves people and being with them.

Delorse Holbrook, daughter of Dorthy Tacket, celebrated a birthday Nov. 26. Happy birthday, Delorse!

I notice lots of people have been putting up Christmas decorations. I love seeing them. It’s hard to think about Christmas with the pretty weather we’ve been having, but I’m certainly not complaining. However, it has been turning colder with lots of cold wind.

Jimmy Craft, I saw your son’s picture and the article about him. You sure have bragging rights! We are all proud when our kids do well. They are our people! He is also a very good-looking boy. But of course he would have to be with good-looking parents. Right?

I got a nice little surprise at Sunday School. My good friend, Anna Lou Combs, came over and had something wrapped up in a washcloth. She unwrapped it and asked if I remembered it. I sure did. It was a little ceramic Santa I had given her at a Lexington hospital 21 years ago. It was homemade so I knew it was the same one. It touched me that she had kept it all these years. She said it was special to her, a treasure. It sure made my day. Thanks, Anna Lou!

My son, Rob, spent Thanksgiving in Lexington with Rocki and Matt and Dr. Kevin and wife Adrienne and their two beautiful boys, Will and Adrian. He said they all had a great time. I think he and Gaby did some shopping also.

Everyone I’ve talked to has enjoyed the holidays and being with families. We have lots of people sick that can’t really enjoy the holidays.

Pam Gardner and her “Sadie” were visiting her mom, Louise Shepherd, on Sunday. They were putting up Louise’s Christmas tree. Carol Day and Shannon Banks, I think, were there also. It’s good to have help.

I called Sara Ison. She said she and Clarence were doing very well. Clarence will be 92 years old before long and he keeps going. They are fine people, good friends.

I ran into Frieda the other day in Wal-Mart. I asked about Gypsy and Coman Brashears. She said they weren’t doing very well. He was Clyde’s roommate at Letcher Manor. I liked them both.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week. A church is a big help when you have sickness and need them to pray for you.

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