Whitesburg KY

Woman is “probable” third Covid-19 patient in Letcher County

The Kentucky River District Health Department is reporting a third “probable” case of Covid-19 in Letcher County.
The department says a 51-year-old female tested positive for the virus in an IgM Antibody test, but has not had an RNA test to confirm the results.
The IgM test is a blood test that looks for antibodies produced by the body to fight the virus. An RNA test is a nasal swab test in which scientists attempt to find viral RNA mixed with human RNA.
In most living things, RNA, or ribonucleic acid, acts as a messenger for passing instructions from DNA for the body to create proteins. In some viruses, RNA rather than DNA carries the virus’ genetic material.
Further details about the woman who tested positive for the coronavirus antibodies has not yet been released.

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