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Woman writes children’s book about pickle-eating black bear

Is there such a creature as a pickle-eating bear?

Neon native Heather Holbrook Davis, who lives in Norton, Virginia, explores the idea of a pickle-eating bear in a new children’s book she wrote after her three-year-old son, Landon, placed a pickle in the woods near their home hoping a black bear would eat it.

“He left the pickle and returned to the same spot the next evening to find that it had been eaten by the bear,” said Davis. “Each night we would tell him wild and adventurous stories about this pickle-eating bear.”

Davis said the idea of a pickle-eating bear has given her an opportunity to get Landon interested in reading.

“We were able to use the event as a springboard for expanding Landon’s love of interacting with us through reading and sharing stories,” said Davis. “He insists on reading books and stories every night at bedtime. This has become a special time for us to emphasize and foster the importance of reading.”

Davis said the lesson of her new book, “Lam and the Pickle- Eating Bear,” is that a child’s imagination has infinite possibilities that can be developed into opportunities for growth and can create environments that are conducive to a love of reading.

“Parents of small children will appreciate this book because it reveals a well-known truth – children have vivid imaginations and are typically very interested in natural things, that is objects and animals in nature,” said Davis.

Davis is now in the planning stage for a new book that will be the next title in this series.

“I hope to continue writing books that will appeal to children and their unique interests,” said Davis.

“Lam and the Pickle-Eating Bear” can be purchased on PublishAmerica’s website at www.publishamerica.com. On May 12 the book will be available for purchase on Amazon.com and at retail stores.

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