Whitesburg KY

Women came looking for family history

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hope all had a great week.

My granddaughter Ashley and her friend Stephanie surprised us Saturday morning. They came for a day visit from Greensburg, Ind. They wanted soup beans, fried potatoes and cornbread for lunch.

They left and went to Red Star to pick up Jessica Jones, a friend of Ash’s who went to Indiana to spend a few days. Sorry they could not stay longer. Maybe next time.

Melinda (Kay-Kay) Daniel’s grandmother, Chloe Hall of Hindman, died recently. Our sympathy goes out to her family.

Two great ladies from Cowan passed away this past week, Maudie Pack and Ruby Jean Maggard. They both will be missed. Our sympathy goes to the family.

I made a mistake in last week’s paper. I stated Nezalene Day’s mother was Celia Maggard. Her parents were Louanna (Fields) Maggard and Roy Maggard. Sorry for the confusion. I’ve had too much on my mind lately.

Marty Smith will be 41 on June 14, and Bill Maggard Jr. has a birthday June 14. Happy birthday to both.

My granddaughter Rebecca Kay Fields, will be 17 years old June 15. We love you, Becca.

Dana Sturgill will be 51 on June 15. We hope she has a great day.

Mary Lou Fields will have passed away a year ago on June 17. She is still missed by all who knew her.

Happy first wedding anniversary to Jessie Boggs Cline and her husband Ross. They were married last June 18.

Eddie Wolfe is doing well after undergoing surgery recently. He’s still bruised and swollen a little bit.

Archie Ray Fields goes back to the doctors this week to see if they can save his leg. I pray that they can.

Eddie Wolfe and I got called for jury duty — my second time and his first. This should be fun.

Some ladies from Ohio and over in Cumberland came by the other day asking about some of their relatives who are buried in the Obie Fields Cemetery. They were looking for the graves of Calvin Fields and Sabra Fields, children of the late Selena Fields, I believe. They said their dad, Virgil Fields, came with them last year but was unable to locate the graves.

I called my brother Archie, and he told me the location where he thinks they are buried. They ladies then found old stones that were faded out that might be theirs.

They wrote down some information, so hopefully they found what they were looking for. They were real pleasant ladies.

Francis, Ginny Day and Paige all went to Tennessee for a few days. Guess they had a good time.

My husband and I would like to go to Indiana for a few days, but never seem to find the right time.

Bill and Agnes Maggard, Audrey and Charles Hammond, Mary Ann Maggard, Irene and Eugene Day, all my family, neighbors and friend, Kathy and Eddie Wolfe, Archie and Margaret Fields, Mike Fields, Melinda Daniel, the Maggard and Pack families, and Bill King’s family still need our prayers. Also, please keep Dorothy Jean Miles, Doug Sturgill and Tommy Tolliver in your prayers.

Hope everyone has a great week. Be good to yourselves and one another, and may God bless you.

Remember, “a smile is a frown turned upside down.”

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