Whitesburg KY

Women’s conference draws pastors, ministers, evangelists

North Carolina

While sitting preparing my sermon, I decided to get a column in. As person of the week, I choose Jason Robbins, a bright young man that I have know since he was a nine-year-old. He is a member of Trinity Tabernacle. He very much wants to become a minister. God wants all of us to work in His vineyard. It is such a pleasure to have young ones working for the Lord.

I hope someday my little Caleb will minister. He has religion already. You might say, “That little boy?” Yes, that little boy! He always prays for Grandma.

Alizah is on Spanish, which none of us understand.

Gosh, are we having storms! Lightning hit a condo in Wilmington and it burned. It hit my pastor’s air conditioner and our septic tank motor and burned it up. It’s hot and humid. It is a shame we can’t preserve this heat for winter.

We at Solid Rock had our women’s conference. Fifty-one pastors, ministers, and evangelists combined and had a wonderful meeting with delicious food. My brother, Earl, said it sure must have been a hen cackling time. Next time I will take him to it, yeah!

I was reading about the cabins being built at Blair Lake, Partridge. It sounds nice. I hope to see them sometime and also visit various places around Cumberland River, a long ago home. I often wonder if all Ken- tuckians that left had stayed in their homeplace, how would it be with you? My brother, Vernon Maggard, stayed and loves it.

I teach adult Sunday School and I started drawing names each Sunday to have as prayer partners. We enjoy it.

We older people need to keep our minds open and do more as our bodies get slower.

The southeasterly winds have brought in thick piles of seaweed on Oak Island beaches. No matter how often you go to the beach there are more different things to see. I like to go sit in the swings and watch the boats. Most people hibernate and stay in the house in this heat.

This news is short but it is late and I must close. To all that read this, have a restful night’s sleep and a blessed day.

Through morning and evening prayer, we give glory to Him who is the alpha and omega, the first and the last. We must begin the day and end the night, with Him who is the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

The Smiths, Pete and Gladys. Goodnight, Vernon and Connie.

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