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Wonderful singing heard at Louisville church

Northeast Ohio

Howdy, howdy, howdy. Sure hope you had as great a Fourth of July as I did.

I left here Saturday morning with my grandson, Chris, and his 10-year-old daughter, Julia, going to Louisville, to visit sister and brother-in-law Jeanie and Phil Adams. We had a good day for travel as traffic wasn’t bad at all, but did get drizzled on as we got closer to our destination. It rained pretty much after we got there. We went to Antioch Old Regular Baptist Church Sunday. It was the first time Chris and Julia had ever attended one. Chris said it was different, but interesting.

Love and prayers to Hillard Newsome, Karrel and Louise Addington, Scott and Megan (Carty) Little, Melvin (Steve) and Maisie Adams, Elmer and Cloretta Hamilton, Annalois Hamilton, Charles and Edith Gilley, Ed and Dallie Sizemore, Nadine Tackett, Emogene Hall, Chuck Ramey, Eugene Couch, John Mullins, Brenda Akers, Milford Prater, Wayne Sartin, Edna Caudill (widow of H.D. Caudill who used to write newspaper articles) and daughter Lonna Caudill, Dottie (Kiser) Bentley (the only one I had ever met), I hope I have this right, if not, I apologize, Carr Crees, and a mother and daughter, Oma Jean (Johnson) and, I’m not sure of her last name, but the daughter Robin (Rose) Kemper.

When they were singing, I kept hearing this wonderful sound. I was trying to identify the source when, lo and behold, I discovered it was right in front of me. Oma Jean was sitting just in front of me and it was she I was hearing. I’m sure I left off some names and probably misspelled some and for that I humbly ask your forgiveness.

We had dinner in their lunchroom, and what a feast. Everything was really delicious, at least what I ate, and I’m sure everything else was. It was just good old country cooking.

I finally got to meet a cousin I had only met through letters, and what a delightful person she is. I truly hope to get to see her again. Hello, Greta (Taylor) Joseph. I also got to see Jeanie’s neighbor from across the street, Carrie DeArmond. She’s the kind of neighbor a person would be lucky to have as she’s always there when needed.

Chris and Julia really had a great time, thanks to Christy who took them here and there. They saw more of Louisville in one afternoon than I’ve seen in all the times I’ve been there. They saw Churchill Downs, the University of Louisville, the largest terminal of UPS, which is Chris’s employer, and I don’t know what else.

I was so glad I got to see Christy and Calvin (Jeanie’s children) and also greatniece Karen.

We had a beautiful day (Monday) for our trip home.

I love going visiting, but I’m always glad to be home. I guess the best part of my trip was seeing Jeanie and Phil and spending time with them. Jeanie is really having a rough time though she doesn’t complain, and Phil isn’t feeling all that well. They both could use your prayers.

Another couple who needs prayers are Don and Ava Blair. Ava isn’t doing very well at all.

Christy and Phil went to Letcher County to attend the Adams reunion, which is always on the Fourth of July. They seemed to really enjoy the day. They had a pretty girl contest and I want to congratulate the winner. Way to go, Pressie Adams!

I’m not sure if I should go away any more. Catherine’s husband fell and broke his collarbone, and had to have surgery to have a plate put in.

Red fell and hurt his knee and elbow, then of course he fell after I got home and hurt the other elbow.

Remember me telling you about Red cutting down the mustard patch? Well, believe it or not, it came back.

Bill and Redia stopped by. I almost forgot, Redia didn’t even feel like going to church Sunday but is doing some better now.

Red and I drove to North Ridgeville to visit Chester and Jettie today. Both seemed to be doing well.

Red’s niece called after we got home. We always love hearing from down home.

This weekend is Little Pilgrim Home Church time. We’ll probably go if Red is up to it. Have a wonderful week, enjoy life, and until next time, love and prayers to all.

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