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Appearing on the program “Andrea Mitchell Reports” Tuesday on MSNBC, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin spoke of how lifelong coal miners felt when much of the nation appeared to turn their backs to them when jobs started disappearing by the thousands because of more stringent government air quality regulations and competition from cheap natural gas:

“We feel like the returning Vietnam veteran. We did everything our country asked us to do — provided the energy, made the sacrifices, did the hard lifting — and then everybody kicks you in the teeth and says, ‘We don’t like that anymore.’ They still need us, and we want to do it and do it the best way possible. Work with us on research and development. Let’s find a new technology. The rest of the world is going to use the product you’ve tried to chastise West Virginians for providing this country for a long time. It’s just not fair; it’s just not fair what’s been done to our state.”

— U.S. Senator Joe Manchin

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