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Work underway on bridge replacement at Millstone

Work has been underway since November 1 on the new Millstone-Democrat Bridge (PFC Billie McFall Bridge) on KY 113.

With a sufficiency rating of 15.8 out of 100, the bridge is a high priority for Highway District 12’s bridge maintenance program.

Construction crews first started erecting an at-grade temporary bridge so that traffic flow would not be adversely affected once replacement of the permanent bridge begins.

The purpose of this project is to replace the current bridge, which is functionally obsolete and structurally deficient. It carries traffic on KY 113 over the North Fork of the Kentucky River at Millstone. The current bridge carries only a single lane for two-way traffic. Crossing the bridge requires opposing vehicles to pull over prior to entering the bridge or to back off the structure.

In addition, guardrail on the bridge has been impacted several times by vehicles attempting to negotiate the right angle turn onto the bridge from the northwest approach. A flared section of deck was built into the bridge to facilitate turning, but is inadequate, even for small trucks. The bridge also does not provide sidewalks for pedestrian traffic.

The new bridge will be located at the same site as the existing bridge. With two lanes and sidewalks, it will be a considerable

improvement for both vehicles and pedestrians. The alignment

of the new bridge and approaches reduces the curvature of the roadway onto the bridge, thus improving access and safety.

Bush & Burchett, bridge contractor from Allen in Floyd County, has 100 working days to complete the project. However, since the asphalt plants closed on November 30 and will not reopen until April 2008, the contractor is not penalized during this “non-construction season.”

The cost of the new bridge and approaches, including the cost of the temporary bridge, is $1,008,747.27, which was the low bid. The project was in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Six-Year Plan.

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