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Working for the common good

To the Editor:

Over the years, my colleagues in the General Assembly and I have worked hard to provide more and more Kentuckians with clean drinking water and adequate sewer service. It is not something that can be done as quickly as we would like, but we have come a long way in a short amount of time. Only a couple of states, for example, have a greater percentage of homes receiving treated water.

It goes without saying that the challenge to extend these two utilities is particularly hard in our part of the state. But we are getting there, thanks to the ongoing efforts of local officials, the legislature, and those serving us in Washington, especially Congressman Hal Rogers.

Here in Letcher County, I am glad to see that some needed projects have either moved from the planning to the construction stage or are about to. The Knott County Interconnect will especially be beneficial to us for years to come by making it easier to overcome future droughts while also helping to make our community more attractive to industry.

The same thing goes for Jenkins’s waterlines, which have certainly seen better days. Their leaks have been troubling for years, and we continue to work tirelessly on this problem.

L etcher Countians should see a lot of work being done in the months ahead in other areas as well. This is certainly good news for those who depend on water and sewer service in their homes and businesses, but it is also good to know this will create muchneeded jobs as well.

It is too soon to say at this point if more projects like these will be funded in the upcoming state budget the legislature is now considering. I believe there will be a strong push to build on this work. As we wait to see if that is possible, I want to take this opportunity to thank those city and county leaders who have worked to get these projects up and running. I really appreciate their foresight and willingness to work together for the common good.

LESLIE A. COMBS State Representative

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