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Workshops off ered at Pine Mountain Settlement School

Workshops in digital photography and open fire cooking will be off ered at Pine Mountain Settlement School this summer.

The photography workshop will be taught by Malcolm J. Wilson June 9-13. It will focus on photo composition, lighting, camera settings, and preparation of photos and files for printing, archival display, and e-mail.

The cost of the class is $375, which includes meals, lodging, tuition and print exhibition materials. Participants should bring their own digital camera and equipment.

An open fire cooking workshop will be off ered July 23-24. The instructor is Marcia Houston. Participants will learn about early foodways and how the seasons and availability of foods and spices influenced daily meals and food prepared for special events.

The cost is $125, which includes meals, lodging, and tuition. Participants should wear comfortable work clothes, including long pants and closed toes shoes, and bring a kitchen town and apron, cutting board, and sharp knife.

For more information or to register for one of the workshops, visit www. pinemountainsettlementschool. com or call (606) 558-3571.

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