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Wouldn’t be worth the effort

To the Editor :

I disagree that the oil spill at Millstone was vandalism or theft.

At the current price of scrap iron, the effort there wouldn’t be worth it. They would have drained the tank, then cut it into pieces and hauled it away.

This was carefully cut so as to use the lower half for burning oil. Your picture of the site clearly demonstrates that oil was being hauled there in barrels.

To say no oil g ot into the nearby creek is as big a joke as the clean up effort there.

A few absorbent towels were thrown on the surface of the tank, while oil twofeet deep still stood under the barrel. Oil is still visible in the drainage ditch leading to the creek.

The site is covered now, and I wonder if any of the contaminated ground, or even all that oil, was hauled away.

The tank is still there, upside down, dripping oil on the ground. There isn’t even any plastic sheet under it.

No booms were put in the creek, and the oil-saturated ditch hasn’t been touched yet.

I wonder if all that oil was pumped out, and if all that oil-soaked dirt was removed or just buried.

Though it doesn’t affect my water supply, remind me to never drink any coffee or fountain drinks at Whitesburg. Jerry Collins, Millstone

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