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‘Wrap up tight’ for the holidays

With a fall nip in the air, it’s important to put on a coat or sweater when you go out. The same is true for your packages – to get them there safely, make sure to “wrap them up tight” and

“ad-DRESS them well.”

Use a sturdy carton large enough to accommodate your gift box, plus room for padding or cushioning around the outside, so that your gift doesn’t move around inside the carton.

Before sealing your package, it’s a good idea to put the delivery address on a sheet of paper inside the parcel. Then, if something happens to the outside address, postal personnel will still have a way of identifying the recipient and getting your package delivered.

Seal your parcel securely, using pressure-sensitive tape, nylon-reinforced craft paper tape, or glass-reinforced pressure sensitive tape to protect your special gift.

Remove or mark out any conflicting address information already on the carton. Don’t use wrapping paper and string or twine on the outside of the carton — paper can rip, and string can become tangled in mail processing equipment, damaging your gift.

Put your return address in the upper left corner of the package, and make sure it is complete, including your ZIP Code. Place the recipient’s name and address in the center of the largest surface area (unless the shape of the package or contents require a specific orientation for stability). Also make sure the recipient’s address is complete, including:

• The recipient’s name.

• Post office box number or complete street number.

• Street name, suffix (Ave, St., Blvd., etc.) and directional (E, W, SW, etc.).

• Apartment or suite number.

• ZIP Code.

Use a permanent ink pen or marker to address your package — no water soluble markers please — and cover the information with clear tape.

Make sure your package gets to its destination in good shape. Wrap it up tight, and ad-DRESS it properly.

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