Whitesburg KY

Wreck at Defeated Creek leads in drug charges against 2 men

One man was charged with trafficking in a controlled substance and another was charged with possession after the car they had been in wrecked on Defeated Creek of Linefork.

According to the citations, Deputy Sheriff James Norris and District 4 Constable Terry Perkins were patrolling on Linefork when a driver flagged Norris down and told him a car was wrecked over a hill on Defeated Creek and two men were walking away from it.

Norris said they located the two men and noticed slurred speech. According to the citation, Terry Craig Combs, 30, of 270 Mastin Dr. in Cumberland, told him he had taken suboxone earlier, and agreed to be searched. Norris wrote in the citation that he found two pill bottles in Terry Combs’s pockets, each containing pills, and one also containing a plastic baggie with a crystal-like substance in it. He said he also found four more pills and more of the crystalline substance in Terry Combs’s shirt pocket.

According to the citation, the drugs included 45 Lyrica, 3-1/2 Suboxone, 147 Xanax, and 7.2 grams of methamphetamine. Terry Combs was charged with first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance (methamphetamine), trafficking in a controlled substance (more than 120 units of an unspecified drug), possession of drug paraphernalia and public intoxication (controlled substance).

According to the citation, the second man “could barely stand up,” and admitted to taking two Xanax. Norris said Lyttle Combs, 12711 Highway 1103, also had a Xanax in his pocket and was charged with public intoxication (controlled substance) and third-degree possession of a controlled substance.

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