Whitesburg KY

Wreck blocks traffic

US 23 on Pound Mountain was closed for nearly five hours Monday night after an 18-wheeler overturned, blocking the southbound lane.

James Stallard, of Castlewood, Va., was driving a tractortrailer uphill around 5:30 p.m. and slowed down because of heavy fog, said Jenkins Police Chief Jim Stephens. The 18-wheeler was carrying a full load of coal, Stephens said.

“He lost traction and slid backwards,” said Stephens. “When he went to correct it, it jackknifed.”

Stallard had a minor cut to the side of his head, which medical personnel treated on scene, Stephens said.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet employees directed traffic and cleaned the coal off the road and back into the truck.

The road was opened to traffic after 11 p.m.

A Jenkins police officer was checking on a tanker truck which had pulled off the road on US 23 when the accident to the 18-wheeler occurred. The two incidences were unrelated.

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