Whitesburg KY

Wrong number won’t stop spay and neuter clinic

Don’t let the fact that you may have dialed a wrong telephone number make you believe that a discounted “spay and neuter” clinic for pets won’t be held here next week.

When the Woodstock Animal Foundation announced that the clinic would be held in Whitesburg, organizers gave the wrong telephone number for the contact person, leading many to believe the clinic was cancelled. That isn’t the case.

The clinic will still be held at the Whitesburg Fire Department on August 10 and 11.

Dogs may be spayed at a charge of $45. The cost of neutering dogs will be $35.

For cats, the cost of spaying will be $25, while neutering will cost $15. The prices include all shots.

If your pet is already spayed or neutered and it just needs shots, the cost for dogs and cats both is $20.

Shots include vaccinations for rabies and DHLPP for dogs, and rabies and CVRP for cats.

Persons wishing to schedule and appointment are asked to call Donna Howard at 606-832-1596.

Organizers originally released a wrong number for Howard.

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