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Wrong phone number leads to an old friend


Hello, everyone. Hope you are all well. I’ll tell you what, last week was a really good week! I heard from so many old friends that I hadn’t heard from in a long time.

Viola “Buggy” Adams of Isom, called. My number was on her caller ID. It was wrong number; I called another person whose number is 855 and Buggy’s is 633. The other number is the same, but I was glad she called me back. We found a lot of things to talk about, old Marlowe days. She hadn’t been too well. I hope she’s better by now.

Tootsie Sturgill at Flint, Mich., called. She was just thinking about me. She hadn’t gotten The Eagle in a year and she’s going to start back again so she can know what’s going on here. We talked of old times. She is not doing well. She wants to say hello to all the Sturgills and she would love to hear from them. She was married to the late Otis Sturgill of Cowan, brother of Geraldine Fields and Irene Hicks.

Sister Nellie Banks of Bloomfield, Ind., also called and of course we had a long talk. She wanted to thank me for the picture of her and her late husband, Bro. Maynard Banks. She had never seen the picture till she saw it in The Eagle, or the one of her sister, Betty Sue Anderson, and her husband, Earnest Anderson. It was their 58th wedding anniversary picture.

Maggie Bowen of Colson, called to tell me another friend from way back had died, Doreen (Burns) Stidham of Charlestown, Ind., daughter of the late Myrtle and Arnold Burns and wife of the late Alvin Stidham. Most of the folks will remember all of them. We offer our sympathy to all their family.

Our church had a dinner on Friday and it went really well. We’ve had lots of compliments on the food, baked spaghetti – large servings and really good food. Whitco Pentecostal Church has really good cooks. I did some delivery and don’t get credit for the good food. Our pastor, Bro. John Conn, appreciates all the work and the people who bought the food. People here are so good to buy and to help out.

The revival is still going on at Cram Creek Church where Bro. Ernest Brock is pastor, and good really well. It’s a monthlong revival and will last the rest of March. There has been some good preaching and singing. They’ve had large crowds every night.

I didn’t know Tommy Stansberry had had a heart attack a week ago. Remember him in prayer. He was missed at the First Baptist Church Easter play on Saturday and Sunday. I went and it was awesome! So real and so inspiring. I loved it. An awful lot of work had gone into that and it sure went well.

Also, my little pet goat Annabell was one of the stars in it. She’s only seven weeks old and she played her part perfectly. I had to shed a few tears when she was to be offered up for a sacrifice. She didn’t mind. I really thank God for the greatest sacrifice He made in our place.

I had another goat in the program. She is one day older than Annabell and three times bigger. She baa-baa’ed and kicked and acted like a goat. She didn’t like being away from her mama. Little Annabell’s mother died when she was born and I’ve bottle-fed her and made her my baby. It was good seeing all the folks at First Baptist Church.

My sons will be home from the races with a report. I know they had some rain, but if I know them they will have had a good time.

My son, Rob, didn’t go so we had our Wednesday night dinner last week. It was good seeing Ester and Robert Wagner there. I think they are regular Wednesday diners there at Pine Mountain Grill. I also saw Lizzie Mae Wright and Ruth and Charles Caudill. I didn’t recognize Charles. He was wearing a cap and I don’t think I ever saw him in one. I asked Lizzie Mae where was Charles, and she said he was right there. I mistook him for someone else. Sorry, Charles.

Please remember Velma Slone of Cowan, when you pray. She’s having a lot of health problems and has been for a long time.

May God bless all of you. Try to go to church somewhere this week.

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