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WWE students are thankful for…

West Whitesburg Elementary School’s fourth graders have written essays on the things for which they are thankful. Here is what the children wrote:

Melody Lewis’s class:

I am thankful for:

My loving family, my friends, my teachers, my house to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat, soldiers fighting for our freedom, a good education. Bryson Shoupe

Able to have a home, able to have a friend, able to read a book, able to play with my friends, able to draw, able to go places, able to have a pet, able to have a family, able to have food, able to have clothes. Chelsey Bowman

A loving family, good food, my mom and dad and brother and sister, a loving Thanksgiving dinner, an education, a good house, a nice clothing, a good Thanksgiving and a loving one, a good holiday, a good Bible. Hunter Combs

A loving family, my mom loves me, my dad loves me, my sister loves me, friends because they are cool, house we need to live, clothes we need to stay warm, education we need a job, Christmas I love snow, church we need to learn about God and the Bible. Jacob Boggs

A Thanksgiving dinner, my brother, my sister, my mom, my dad, my friends, the food we eat, my dog Jake, the turkey, my family, my house, my clothes, the hospital, the Bible. Montana Maddin

My sister Chloe and Stormy, my mom and dad, God, Jesus, Nan, Pap, Granny May, Ethan, Emily G., Emily A., and everybody. Destiny Flynn

My loving family Mom, Dad, sister, my two brothers and my Nanney, Pappy, clothing to wear to school, my Thanksgiving dinner with my family, the food to nourish my body, the hospital and the nurses, the church of my family. Tia Sturgill

My loving family and friends, food and the shelter that God gives us, the clothes on my back, church that I go to, my sister Shawntaya, my school so I can learn new things, Mother Earth and the trees that produce oxygen, Jesus because He is the Man who lets us live another day, the Bible that helps us learn about Jesus, the nurses who help people. David Whitaker

My brother Cody Fisher, my mom Candace Philpot, my dads Charles Philpot and Gary Fisher, my friends, my relatives, food to nourish my body, the clothes on my back, soldiers who are fighting and who fought, my stepbrothers Charles Jr. and Chad Philpot, my school. Logan Fisher

My family, having an education, having a home, the veterans who have served so we can have freedom, the soldiers who are serving now, my pets, food to eat, being able to play sports, my relatives, my grandparents. Brooke Saurer

My family, my mom Malinda, my dad Marvin, my sister Jessica, my two brothers Matt and Josh, my friends, my house to live in, my education, my teachers, and a school to go to. Tyler Boggs

My mother Marsha my father Jason, my sister Tara, my family and friends, the veterans who serve our country, having an education, my three girl and 11 boy cousins, having good doctors and nurses, a place to live, having nice pets, having the Adams and Caudill family, who I am. Tori Lynn Adams

Kentucky, my friends, America, the army my mamaw, my dog Spanky, my house, my veterans, my mom Cecilia, my relatives. Dylan Breeding

My mom, food to eat, home, my dad, my mamaw, the veterans, the school, my education, the soldiers, my brother.

Seth Sergent

Our right for an education, our veterans who have served and are still serving, my family (Oscar, Tonya, Kaci, Mamaw, Doris, Katy, Papaw, Larry, Roger), our freedom of speech, written word and thought. Dalton McCown

Home and all the people in it, people who support me, people who fought for America, Columbus for finding America, the people who invented things, my mom, my dad, all my animals, my education, God and environment. Taylor Pratt

The veterans and the ones on the Wall too, my family who have been there for me, electricity so we can see in the dark, God for bringing me to life, America, the environment that we live in, where I live, the world, the flag, the people who are in the war. Carla Sturgill

Sports, a loving family, veterans who have served already, doctors and nurses, this country, the school to learn, the soldiers fighting right now, inventors to make stuff, machines to help us every day, my house I live in. Corey Moten

Families, friends, home, food, doctors and nurses, Cathy and Durward (Trey), Bristol Breydon, national parks, the veterans, schools, soldiers. Sophia Narramore

Family, school, food, shelter, Earth, God, money, Mom and Dad, my animals, science. Morgan Hopkins

Nancy McCray’s class:

I am thankful for:

Thanksgiving, Mom and Dad, brothers, Mamaw and cousins, Christmas, birthday, living with my cousin, school, Mamaw, Papaw. Justin Bowling

Family, food, houses, schools, teachers, hospital, Mom and Dad (Mary and Paul), Granny (Lucy), Uncle Bill (Bill), friends, our environment. Heather Breeding

Mom, Dad, brother, food, home friends, turkey, animals, schools, Earth. Nathan Short

Hunting and fishing, a loving family, food and water, all the animals and plants, shoes, clothes and socks, a school and a great teacher, my pets, baseball, inventors, vehicles. Dalton Begley

God who made the world, Mom and Dad who loves me, friends, animals, schools to learn, homes, knowledge, clothes, money, food. Emily Adams

The electricity that powers our supplies, the shelter that the homes give us, the veterans for fighting for America’s freedom, my dad Jeff at home from war in Afghanistan to fight for freedom, being able to live each day, soldiers who served in the military, coal miners to give us electricity, schools to give us an education, that Dad is retired from war, the pledge to honor the solders in war. Tymen Stidham

The veterans who fought for our rights, the animal shelter so they can find a home, all the animals because they help our environment, Columbus for accidentally finding America, Thomas Edison because he invented the light bulb, the soldiers who are fighting in Afghanistan, clothes so we can keep warm, the doctors so we will get well, sports because we can stay active, trees because they help our environment and we can have paper. Nicholas Sergent

My parents Kevin and Leslie Parsons, sisters Madison and Gracie Parsons, aunts Kimberly Fields and Tonya McCown, uncles Daniel Fields and Oscar McCown, mamaws Violet Sturgill, Doris McCown and Betty Parsons, papaws Larry McCown and Roy Parsons, a house to live in, food to eat, soldiers and veterans for fighting, and a school to go to. Savannah Parsons

Mom to take care of me, loving family, food to nourish my body, house to live in, car to drive, friends to play with, school to learn, Grandma to help with problems, teachers to teach you, soldiers fighting today. Gregory Kincer

My family, my home, my freedom, my cat Patches, my church, my mommy, daddy and sister, my cousins, my teachers, my school. Kayla Howard

A loving mom, a loving dad, a loving brother, a loving sister, a loving family, a house to live in, the ability to play sports, food to nourish my body, school to learn in, the veterans who fought for our country. Kade Holland

A loving family, a house to live in, car to get around town, friends to care for me, food to nourish my body, veterans who fought for us to be here today, my pets who love me, Christmas that God was born, my teacher that teaches me to learn, my grandparents to support me with a bed and food. Emily Gross

My mom, my dad, food to eat, my family, my relatives, my grandparents, my house I live in, my education, soldiers who are fighting today, my pets. Jonathan Sergent

Having a family, having my two brothers Tad and Jonah, my sister Ashleigh, even my mom and dad, my cousins Alley, Sam, Kayla, Alexis, Summer, Heather, Amber, Joe, my mom’s mom and dad, all of my friends, school which teaches people, my teachers at school, my grandma and papaw, and mostly my family. Sean Looney

Mom to take care of me, Dad to take care of me also, grandparents who love me, car to travel in, school to learn at, food to nourish my body, veterans who served our country, soldiers who are serving our country now, my cats Sam and Possum to play with, a roof to live under, a floor to walk on, and a whole lot more. Sadie Bates

My cats Milk, Turkey Toes and Oreo, my house I live in, my mom Melissa, my dad Larry, and my sister Autumn, my granny Clowseen, my granny Hazel, my cousins, the veterans, the ability to learn, all my friends, a loving family. Chelsea Owsley

Parents, veterans, kids (we’re awesome), clothes, the world, America, shoes, Jesus, trees, houses. Brooklyn Hatton

Mom, Dad, sister, brother, pets, mamaws, papaws, to eat, have clothes, have shoes. Lindsay Proffitt

My family and friends, Thanksgiving dinner, a house, clothes on my body, Christmas on Jesus’s birthday, church to know about God, God to live on, Mom brought me into this world, a hospital, living. Brandy Taylor

Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, games, family, friends, home, TV, food. Jason White

My family that takes care of me, all my friends who are nice to me, my teacher who helps me learn, my mamaw and papaw who give me what I want, Thanksgiving that makes food for me, veterans who fought for our rights, Columbus who discovered America, recycling, books that help me learn, my toys that we buy. Samantha Crawford

A loving family, Mom, Dad, brother and me, my house, my animals, God, my clothes, my life, food to nourish my body, the hospital, my education, my birthday. Emilee Robinson

Michael Potter’s class:

I am thankful for: A home to live in, family to love, electricity to see, doctors to help us get well, Indians to teach us how to plant, Columbus for bumping into America, God or we would not be here, animal shelters to help our animals get well, soldiers who are fighting in the war for our freedom, veterans who used to fight in the war but are now retired. Kaitlyn Torchia

The nice home that we live in, the nurses to help us get better, my mom and dad Tracy and Steve because they are caring, my brothers Steven and Brandon and Alex because they are loving, my papaw and mamaw Barbara and Kenny because they are loving and caring and happy, the electricity for the power in our homes, the soldiers for fighting for our lives, America because we live here, the teachers for helping us learn, animal shelters for animals to have a home. Alexis Waddell

My mom, dad, brothers and sister, all my friends at school, all the animals on the planet, all of the fourth grade teachers, Mr. Potter, Mrs. Lewis, and Mrs. McCray, Thanksgiving for all the good food that we eat, all the pilgrims and Indians, all the schools so we can learn, all the soldiers who fought in World War II, my family making money, all the seasons of the year. Brooklyn Dean

My love for family, our daily lives, my mom and dad (Val Ison and Mike Ison), my brother and sister (James Ison, Vena Ison), our homes in America, the books we read and the knowledge we have, the one and only God, the teachers who give us knowledge, everybody in the whole world, for our food, for our friends. John D. Ison

Soldiers who fought for freedom, friends and family to play with, clothes and shoes to keep us warm, sports that we play, electricity gives us light, food that we can eat, trees that give us paper, schools that help us learn, coal miners for electricity, shelter that gives us a place to live. Jacob Combs

My family and all the things we have, the food that we have so we can live, our house so we don’t have to live on the street, electricity so it can keep me and my family warm, Columbus for finding America so we can live here, doctors for making me well, coal so we can have light, clothes so we can wear them, oxygen so we can get air, soldiers so we can live here. Dylan Wooton

The food from the Indians and pilgrims, the house we live in, Columbus for coming to America, all the inventors who created something, my mom and dad for loving me, the doctors and nurses, education to learn, the soldiers who fought for us, daily things, knowledge. Emma Griffith

My lovely family that works hard, Charles and Christine Hughes, the animal shelter, my machines, freedom, nurses, electricity, coal miners, all the support we get, clothes, environment. Ricky Slone

The soldiers fighting for our freedom, our animals for keeping the food chain in balance, our sun to give us light and the moon to shine at night, our parents to teach us right from wrong, the law to help us get a better education, our trees to give us oxygen, the recycling to use things more than once, our scientists who have discovered things, books to give us knowledge. Isaiah Cornett

What my family has done for me, my house, the veterans, food and water, the animals I own, the schools, my friends, the teachers, the electricity, our education. Angel Barton

A house, clothes to keep my body warm, a loving family, all of my pets, a school to go to, food to nourish my body, my Nana and Pappy, my mom and dad, the veterans who fought in the war for our freedom, the soldiers who are fighting right now to keep us free. Sierra Sturdivant

My family, football to play, school to learn, food to eat, cousins who love me, the veterans who served, my grandparents because they love me, my papaw because he was a war veteran, the soldiers who are fighting today, God because He made me. Eli Matthews

My family, our freedom, all the people who are or have served in the war, food and water to nourish my body, my house, my education, all my friends, the ability to play sports, my pets, God and church. Blake Brashears

My loving Nana, my loving dad, my family and friends, the Bible, my house, thanks for the food we produce, school teachers, the hospitals for care, nurses who care. Ethan Lewis

The Bible to teach us about God, my mom, dad, sister, food and water, a good God, a good Thanksgiving, being able to learn, animals to make us happy, people to help us, schools to learn in, teachers to help us learn. James Tyler Young

My mom because she brought me into this world, my family and friends because they love you they help you and feed you and will be there for you, the trees because if we didn’t have trees we wouldn’t be alive, church to learn about God and learn about people who don’t have food, the clothes on my body, birthdays because mine is on Christmas and God’s birthday is on Christmas, food because if we didn’t have food we will die, my heart because if we didn’t have hearts we wouldn’t be here, my teachers because they are great and they help me learn, animals because they are sweet and nice. Heather Ross

My family because they love me, my friends because they help me, the Bible to read, my church I go to, the hospital that helps my mom. Christian Collins

My brother Nick because he plays with me, my friends Brandon Arnold and Chelsey Bowman, my family, Mom and Dad and Mamaw, my food to eat, my animals to play with, my school to look at the books. Dylan Johnson

A loving family Mom, Dad, brothers, sister and me, food to give thanks to other people, a family and dinner, clothes, a nice house to live in, a God here with you, having a dad to be there with you on Thanksgiving, going to church to praise God, Christmas, having a dog named Gosie. Meghan Sturgill

A loving family, my aunt Kathy, food that keeps me healthy, God and Jesus, my lovely mom, my dad, my dog Cookie, Christmas, all my best friends and teachers at school. Tyra Carter

My mom and dad, my food and water, the coal, our nation, the electricity we have, the animal shelter. Shawn Bolling

My mom, my sister and my dad, my friend Dylan Johnson, my friend Hunter Combs, my school, my teachers, God. Brandon Arnold

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