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WWII vets help here shows why they’re the greatest

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Why do we call the World War II generation the “greatest generation”?

I think I can answer part of this.

This past week I received a call from a World War II veteran who lived out of state, but was born and raised in Jenkins.

I first met this man about four years ago when Jenkins was honoring some World War II vets. We were talking about the old days in Jenkins and the hard times that people shared then and now.

Let me clarify; I was born about the time this gentleman was fighting in World War II, but both of us shared some similar times.

We talked about putting cardboard in the bottom of our shoes to cover holes in winter months. We talking about working in the garden, playing games kids wouldn’t recognize now like “King of the Mountain” and other games kids played back then.

I can’t remember taking a “snow day” when we were in school even though we had big snows. I remember the Burdine boys fighting with the Jenkins and Dunham boys, but if any out-oftowners jumped in, we would all stick together.

Enough reminiscing. To get back to this wonderful man and his beautiful wife, this gentleman is 94 years old, I think, but still carried himself like he was in his 20’s. He looked handsome and proud to be who and what he was. This man and his wife are true American heroes, and I am proud to call them my friends.

He had explained to me that he has had a good life and that he and his family wanted to give back to the place he spent his childhood. He made the trip back up here and we went to Food City, where he purchased 12 $100 food boxes for people who were having a tough time, and these people were very appreciative.

Most people in this area have had hard time, including myself.

The World War II generation — men and women — suffered through hard times, but they were always patriotic, willing to serve others, and they trusted in God and still willing to give back.

That is the reason they are the “greatest generation”. This gentleman didn’t want me to use his name, and I will respect his wishes.

I hope my friend — you and your wife — will have many more good years ahead of you.


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