Whitesburg KY

WYMT-TV station goes to Ermine Senior Center

You are my sunshine, you shined all day today. Thank you.

Last week was another slow week at the Ermine Center.

On Monday, no Center because you know why. Yep, more white stuff. Then Tuesday, we had a great crowd of seniors. It was our regular Bingo day and we had lots of gifts to give away.

On Wednesday, more snow and some of us didn’t get to go. The hill I travel up to the highway was icy and slick. But Thursday, it was OK. We had a fair crowd Thursday and Kendall Downing from WYMT-TV station from Hazard was there and he wanted us to talk about Social Security and what could be done for the ones that would be of age for Social Security in later years if there were no funds for it. Joe Bentley and I gave our opinions about it. Yep, we were on TV. Hope we didn’t break their cameras.

We finally had our final meeting with Faith Moves Mountains and had our graduation and received our certificates and gifts. Thanks to Sandy and Marie for being so nice to us and for all the good food they fixed for us also. Come back again, ladies.

Helen Bentley is still coming to the center, but she’s like Willie Nelson — on the road again. She said when her son was ready to go, she was too. That’s good, Helen, but we miss you when you’re away.

We miss all our seniors when they’re not here. Hope the ones that are sick will soon be well and back with us.

Jim Craft is still up to his old tricks, stealing my food, getting my cornbread and whatever he can hide. Oh! well, Jim is just Jim. What can we say?

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I hope we can have a party this year as last year it was called off. You guess it, bad weather. This year I hope we have a blast of a party.

All you seniors get ready for it. Get on your party hats, necklaces, and even you ladies, put on your red lipstick and red nail polish or pink. You can wear pink that day also. And you gents, put on your red or pink shirts and ties. Yep, dress up for your ladies and don’t forget to buy your mate a Valentine. I guess I’ll just buy myself one. But that won’t be any fun, will it?

We’re all looking for spring as the parties will start then (I hope).

Pauline Adams was at the center Friday. Glad to see her Also, her sister Juanita Wampler from Ohio was with her. Glad to have you, Juanita. She came down for her sister- in- law’s Jeanette Wampler’s funeral and spent a few days with Richard and Pauline.

We’re missing you again, Ralph Hall.

Seniors, if you don’t go to a center anywhere, come and be with us. We are glad to see new faces and we will surely welcome you. So all be good and God bless until next time.

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