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Wyoming weather is crazy

Hello everyone — I hope all are doing fine and dandy.

On the first day of summer, Yellowstone National Park received snow. Then on June 23 the entrance to Yellowstone National Park was closed due to snow. The Wyoming weather this year has been up and down. They get warm and then get cold. Wyoming is beautiful but the weather is crazy.

I appreciate Minerva Yonts of Indianapolis, Ind., writing me and sending me birthdates of her family. She also had a great idea for our upcoming family reunion. Minerva and my mom were first cousins. Cousins are wonderful.

Eula Ison Gilliam of Wise, Va., passed away on June 19. She is survived by three sons: Silas Gregory Gilliam of Wise, Va.; Jeffrey Wayne Gilliam of Thomasville, N.C.; and Gary Alan Gilliam of Appomattox, Va. She is survived by one brother: Glennon and Thelma Ison of Flemingsburg, and two sisters: Gracie and Pat Boggs and Doris and Doug Day.

Glennon and Thelma Ison are my aunt and uncle.

Lorraine Stewart is in the Hazard hospital. She is having tests done. We’re wishing her a short stay and a quick return back home. Lorraine is the sister of my sister-in-law, Faye Campbell.

Mike and I took an overnight trip to Norris Lake. Our friends, Cherie and Gerry Friesthler of Niceville, Fla., have a condo on the lake and we went down to visit. Other friends, Steve and Cathy Foley of Dayton, Ohio, were there also. It was good seeing everyone. We all went to college at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and have maintained a friendship since then. There are two other couples in the group and it’s great when we all get together. Each college couple is still with their original spouse, which is a commitment we are all proud of. Years of marriage range from 38 years to 44 years.

Our son Greg came in for the weekend. Carla and Carli Charles of Xenia, Ohio came in with him. It was a great visit. We went to Pikeville to show them the overlook but the overlook was closed. Apparently there’s construction going on. We also went to Fishpond Lake to do some fishing. A kayak and canoe went with us and were used. John and Faye Campbell went with us to Fishpond Lake. It was a relaxing time.

All of us took the sideby sides and the Jeep and drove to Kingdom Come. It was so much fun going through the creek. There were other vehicles driving in the creek at that time. There was a lot of splashing going on with this fun time.

Carli is spending the week with Mike and me. It’s going to be fun!

Charity Hall of Columbus, Ind., came in to visit her sister and brother-inlaw, Ramona and Bob Caudill. She stayed a couple nights and they had a good time.

Randy Brown, Bob Caudill, Donald Banks, and Pat Banks spent several days fishing in the Laurel Lake area. I heard that Uncle Bob caught the most fish. They had a good time.

The great-grandchildren of the late Nelson and Phoebe Fields got together for a cousin swim time. Grandmothers and a greataunt (Libby Honeycutt, Helen Roberts, Janet Napier, Juanita Caudill, and Ella Caudill) were there to make sure everyone had a good time. The grandmothers’ late brother, Delmer Fields, had a grandson that attended the swim party also. The swim party was held at the home of Phoebe Honeycutt Stevens. Afterwards they all went to Helen Roberts’s house for hot dogs and s’mores. This was a great day for everyone and there was a lot of cousin bonding.

The Joseph Hopkins and Manerva Adams Gibson family reunion will be held on June 29. This is my favorite day of the year and I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

A few weeks ago I washed a comforter and dried it on the line. Then I put it on the couch on the enclosed porch where it sat for a couple weeks. This comforter finally made it to a living room couch so I would take it upstairs. When I went to take the comforter upstairs, I noticed that the stuffing was coming out of the comforter. I rubbed my finger over the stuffing so I could figure out how much sewing I had to do. It turned out to not be a tear in the comforter, it was a thick spider web. A spider came out of that web and I threw the comforter on the floor and stomped on it. I think I got the spider. I put the comforter back in the washer and this time dried it in the dryer. It made it upstairs to the bed that day.

The Social Media quote of the week is: “Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler, better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now.”

If you have any news, please email me at Cowan- News@aol.com.

Thank you and enjoy the last week of June.

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