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Yard sale and hot dog dinner was big success


What a beautiful week we have had. Thank you, Jesus.

Fall is here and the colors are changing. We are so blessed to be able to enjoy the changing of the seasons.

The Colson Seniors are still smiling over the success of the 20-mile yard sale. Our hot dog dinners were a great success! Thanks to all. Caudill’s Marathon and John B. Adams Store at Isom are always willing to help, and we appreciate them.

Opal Fouts sold a lot of pumpkin rolls and peanut butter candy. That woman sure can cook!

Joan Webb Williams, Pearlie Bates and Nora Logan called to tell me about the Faraday Post Office. Henny and Arminda Bates had a store and the post office at Faraday. Now it’s called Thornton.

Joan and Nora both lived at Faraday, as did Pearlie’s family. Pearlie’s dad was Martin Bates. He was named for the giant, Martin Van Buren Bates. It’s a small world when you think about it.

Thank you ladies for the information. I see Nora at the Colson Center, and love that lady. Nora is the daughter of Preacher John Sexton.

Maxine Quillen has been on another road trip. She, Shorty, Krystal and Jesse, all went to Tennessee. They went to a festival and she met up with a friend who makes beautiful music. She said they went to an estate sale and found all kinds of bargains. Now she will get back to work on raising money for the monument for our giant, Martin Van Buren Bates.

We all need to help with this. It’s not just a Historical Society project. It’s a wonderful thing to get people to come into Letcher County. If Ohio can have a statue in his honor, so can we. He was one of ours!

Annette Isaacs has enjoyed the weekend with her daughter Cynthia, granddaughter Meghan, and some of Meghan’s friends from Lexington. They stayed at their place on the lake and enjoyed visiting Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

Birthday wishes to a special lady, Eva Sergent, from her niece Carol Baker and all her friends in Letcher County. We love you, Eva!

Also wishes are going out to Lena Parsons of Beaver Dam and to Brian Cook. Brian and I celebrate on the 10th, and he says only nice folks are born on that day.

Oh, and a special boy, Jadon Breeding, celebrated on that day. My day was so nice and I really appreciate all the cards and phone calls. I feel like I had a giant party with no clean up. May God bless you all.

Our thoughts and prayers for the sick, Willie Perry, Doug and Jo Hall, Beatrice Banks, Dougie Moncrief, Linda Lou Lucas and Debbie Brock.

Our friend, Arthur Sergent is also in the hospital, and we hope he is feeling better.

Eugene and Kathy Hall have a new ride and it’s a pretty one. Gina has taken it for a spin already.

Our grandson Seth had his full cast removed this week, but now has to wear one from the knee down for the next two weeks. I can’t wait for that child to be able to run again.

He had to miss going to events at school and that is not a good thing.

I enjoyed talking to Tom and Norma Wight at the Grill and the grocery this week. Tom said they were having their family reunion over the weekend. I hope everyone made it in and had a wonderful time.

I also met my nephew Shad Baker in the grocery. He is a busy man.

Have a good week and remember to smile!

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