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Yard sale planned at Kingdom Come


As I write, the day is dark and dreary and very cool and foggy on the mountaintops. We are supposed to get more rain during the evening.

First thing, there have been so many sick and so many have passed away in the last few weeks. My prayers go out to each family who has had deaths in their families.

We lost Emma Jean Halcomb, widow of Dudley Halcomb. She was a very dear friend and close neighbor, and will be missed deeply. She worked at the Kingdom Come Elementary School for many years before it closed. All the children loved her.

There was also Ritchie Hall. He was a good man and had been sick for a long time. His sister, Rose Ballard, writes for The Mountain Eagle. She lives in Ohio. She will surely miss him. They kept in touch all the time.

We also lost others during the summer and fall. My dear friend Ella Jane Fields died a few weeks ago.

Also, Major Cornett, son of Jason and Reo Cornett, and Grace Cornett lost her son during the summer. His name was Carlos Cornett, the husband of Kay Miller of Big Branch of Skyline.

Others have been sick and in the hospital. Roxie Sumpter has been very sick and in the hospital at Whitesburg. I hope she is doing better now.

I have been sick with the flu. It has been a rough week for me.

I hope everyone will be okay soon.

Bill Meade lost his wife, Pat. I know he is heartbroken.

There will be a huge community yard sale on Oct. 5 and 6 at the Kingdom Come Community Center, beginning at 11 a.m. both days. Everyone who would like to set up a booth is welcome. Vendors are welcome. Come out and help us out and maybe you’ll find a treasure to take home.

If it is raining, it will be in the gym. We will have a lot of fun and visiting with friends and relatives.

Larry Jones, the manager of the center, just found out he has diabetes. I pray he gets control of it soon.

I enjoy reading The Mountain Eagle, and hearing about all the news from everywhere.

Our community center has good Monday night and Thursday night music with singing and good food. Everyone is welcome. Come and join in and sing and play music.

We really enjoy our good singers, Willie Perry, Roger Noble, Mr. Clark, Shawn Stamper and Mr. Smith. They just gather in close around a table and it seems as if we are one big family. It is so sweet and comforting to sing good gospel music, and some good bluegrass and country. Larry Jones is one good singer, and is a good cook and overseer of the center. He could use a lot of volunteer help.

Well, we are getting closer to the election of a president again. Please look and search deep in your souls to pick the best person. This is one time we as voters must do the right thing. It is very important to our country and our personal selves.

I pray for the best man to win (and who is he?). Just ask God! He will give you the wisdom to know who’s right.

Rose Ballard, I was so sorry to hear about your darling brother dying. I never did meet him, only read through your column in The Mountain Eagle. He surely must have been a fine man. Try not to grieve for him. He is away right now, but only a prayer away.

It’s only a few more days and nights until we see all our loved ones again. It is so hard to give them up — only we know that our heavenly Father is now in charge and we will be there one day to see them again. We just have to be ready when our time comes.

Oh! What a wonderful reunion we will attend with all our loved ones and friends.

I lost my brother, Jack Dempsey, when he was only 28 years old in 1959 on July 4, and also my sweet mother and dad, and so many more. Just remember I love and have so much sympathy for you and my dear friends who have just recently passed.

Bruce Jones is my first cousin. He is, as you say, a good and kind man. He cares very deeply during sad times. He and I are six months different in age. I have a birthday in October and he has one in April. I have been through many heartaches with him, and we try to stay close.

Well I stopped and took a quick trip to Norris Lake this evening to pick up some stuff my son Daniel had to go get. It was a long trip, but we had a good, safe trip and have just gotten back home at 15 after 1 a.m. so I’m going to bed and finish this in the morning. I’m tired and sleepy.

It is Sunday and I’m up and going. It’s a beautiful sunny day and fall is in the air.

The trees are beginning to show their beautiful colors and the air has a chilly, fall feeling.

Birds are singing, butterfl ies are working on the nectar in my bush in front of my porch. They have really enjoyed it all summer.

We saw a big group of wild turkeys over in the field in front of the house. They were enjoying all the sweet grass and insects over there. They came out of Choctaw Hollow two evenings in a row this past week.

Crows are really plentiful this year also, and deer. They are so beautiful standing in the trees by the road.

Claude got a letter from the United Mine Workers of America inviting him and our family to a big meeting in Virginia with a picnic and a lot of speakers. I hope we may be able to attend.

I am so worried about all the mines closing and leaving so many men and women out of work. It is so bad when this kind of time happens.

Please support our working men and our union to keep the mines safe and clean and with good air and working conditions for the men and women who work.

I hope our leaders will see what coal has done for our country in the past and what the miners have to do to make a living for their families.

Please, help support our workers and get the mines back working. It is a great asset to our whole country.

A man or woman who is brave enough to go into an underground mine are some of the greatest people on earth. They risk their lives to do such hard and dangerous work.

My dad, my husband and four of our sons have been miners, and my brothers, cousins, nephews, my father-in-law, my brothersin law have all worked in coal mines. Also, most of my neighbors.

They all need our prayers for their safety and good working conditions. It is a dangerous but rewarding job, and our country needs coal.

So for now I will stop and get this in to the office and on the way to the readers of The Eagle. It’s a great weekly paper and is known all over the country.

Don’t forget our community yard sale and our music at the center every Monday and Thursday evening, and the good food and friendship and prayers for Larry Jones to be okay with the diabetes.

I’ll write again soon. Love to all.

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