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Yards were once swept every morning

Southern Ohio

Hello friends everywhere! A touch of fall is in the air. A chill at night and early morning has taken the place of the hot, muggy feeling. Some leaves are starting to change colors, of course the dry weather is making them fall.

How many have heard the song “Fallen Leaves”? Fall is one of my favorite season with the beautiful colors. I love the fall decorations, the fodder shocks, the pumpkins, etc., yet in the springtime it’s like everything is made new. I even like the snow of the winter, I just don’t like the cold.

I said I didn’t know which I hated more, seeing my son, Keith Ballard, working out in the tripledigit degrees of the summer or the cold of the winter. Keith replied he likes the heat more. Keith works for my daughter, Kay, and her husband, Clarence Gray, of Gray & Son Construction in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. They specialize in stamped concrete; it is beautiful. Keith enjoys construction work. This son of mine is a very hard worker; he loves the morning hours as much as I do.

While Keith was working for another company, he was given some pieces of artificial grass. He put it on the porches of the apartment building where he lives; it looks so nice. I have it on my front porch.

One morning while we were in the car, I told him how Mommy (Ora Hall) swept the yard where we lived at Roxana. This made my son laugh. That was a thing that most women did of the morning. As fast as Mom did her housework, she swept the yard.

To the reader of The Mountain Eagle who was visiting in the Ft. Mitchell-Crescent Springs area or lives in that area: you met my son-in-law, Scott Nottingham, who is a Ft. Mitchell policeman. Please let me know who you are. Scott said you are a very nice person. I am glad you caught Scott getting some coffee. When he first gets up of the morning, if you see him, have a cup of coffee ready, he is as grouchy as a bear when he first wakes up. That is a joking remark. Seriously though, Scott is not a morning person. We love him anyway!

On Sept. 5, Scott and Anna Nottingham were married 15 years. Poor “Scoot,” putting up with me for that long!

Belated happy birthday to my granddaughter, Jodi Gray, Sept. 10. Jodi is 19 years old and is a freshman at Ohio University. Jodi is taking early childhood development. She has wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl.

Happy birthday to my daughter, Kay Gray, Sept. 30. Where have the years gone?

Wanda Vinson and I went to a bluegrass festival at Milan, Ind. Polly Ann Ison Maucher joined our little group and we really had a good time. I can’t imagine someone not having a good time with Polly Ann. Polly is a very good singer. There were several good bands. Don Rigsby’s photographs don’t do him justice; he has the prettiest blue eyes.

James King did a good job as usual, and of course there was the one and only Larry Sparks! Larry had been a guest singer at Tom Holt’s church at Dillsboro, Ind.

Clayton Durham & The Bluegrass Addition will be at Boondocks Farm, Knightstown, Ind., Sept. 22, to do two shows, 12 and 4 p.m. Boondocks Farm has a lot of things going on.

Letcher County Day in Harrison, Ohio, is sneaking up, Sept. 29 at 300 George Street, 10- ? I hope this is a good turnout! Please bring a picnic lunch and drinks, no alcohol please.

I am trying to talk some musicians into bringing their instruments. Please throw that guitar, banjo, fiddle or whatever in the car or truck. Ann might sing her Rooster song for you, I might dance a jig, I might even sing along with Polly Ann. Please don’t let that idea keep you away!

I had a short note from Arlyn Halcomb. Her husband, Clarence, is having some trouble with vertigo (dizziness) and is in the hospital, I hope for a short visit! He has retained such good health and memory, his only problem has been his failing eyesight. He reminds me of my little buddy who has been gone for sometime now, Gwen Huff Farmer’s brother, Clarence Huff. How I miss that little fella!

Shirley Wells went to a birthday party Sept. 8 for her granddaughter, Ashlee, who was 17. Ashlee will graduate next May from high school.

Shirley is like me, she can’t understand where time has gone. It seems like we were just young and living in the mountains.

Shirley went to a concert with a couple of her kids to see Confederate Railroad and the Kentucky Head Hunters. They enjoyed the concert very much. Shirley has been a very busy grandmother as she went for breakfast with her granddaughter, Trista, Friday, then a cookout Saturday at her daughter’s house.

Gwen is still quite busy in her garden although she has found a few minutes to go shopping with her neighbor.

Gwen’s second cousin, Gale Ison, died in Cumberland. It seems when it rains it pours. Linda Ison of Ermine, the wife of Gwen’s nephew, Kirby Ison Jr., was killed in a car accident. My sympathy goes out to all who have lost loved ones.

Some of you may remember Maudie Combs Barton, whom I called Madelyn. She used to write the McRoberts news. Maudie was married to my uncle, Charles Barton. Her brother, R.D. Lee of Alabama, died. Maudie’s brother, ,Johnny Lee, and his wife, Hazel, live in Sayler Park, which is a suburb of Cincinnati. Hazel was afraid to stay by herself while Johnny and his nephew, Charlie Lee, went to Alabama for the funeral, since she is a diabetic and has other health problems, so I stayed with her. I did double duty, baby-sitting for my daughter, Angie’s, little Benjie.

Gladys Smith, this little miracle baby is growing like a weed. He is so sweet and he knows who I am.

Johnny and Ann Calihan’s youngest daughter, Sue Wagner, is still recuperating from knee surgery. It is time for Ann and me to take a break!

Thanks to Betty Bryant Kelly for the pictures she sent me of my brother, Wallace Lee Hall, and my sister, Loretta Church. She and her sister, Levina, visited Letcher Manor.

Betty and her husband, Barefoot Bill, are visiting their family in the Premium area. They are having a wonderful time. Betty sent me a picture of Barefoot Bill on his four-wheeler. It looked as if there was just enough room for me to ride on the back.

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Wanda Hall, for making a delivery to Loretta and Wallace. My brother, Richie, is hardly able to walk the distance to the room to see them. I guess I am going to have to get a wheelchair and we can take turns pushing each other.

Hello to my two faithful readers, the Jones boys Levine and Bruce. I hope to see you guys sometime in the future.

Doyle and Betty Ison went to the Whitewater Senior Center. Betty called me with some sad news. A 15-year-old girl, Meaghan Muncy, lost her battle after a long struggle. She had a brain tumor that was inoperable. A few years ago Clayton and I had a benefit for this little redhaired precious child. I only met her once and she stole my heart. There were several benefits held to help the Muncy family, then she couldn’t have the surgery! The Muncys are from the Lawrenceburg area. My thoughts are with this family.

I took my car for an oil change, had the tires rotated, and started home. I had just pulled onto the highway, felt a bumping, heard a noise. I thought I had a flat tire or my wheel was falling off. I turned around and went back to the business. The attendant had forgotten to tighten my lug bolts. That was a scary feeling for the few minutes it took me to get back, and even more scary to think what could have happened. You might say one thing about it, I don’t live a boring life!

Hello to our little extra mountain mama Alma Whitaker and to the Kelly Day family. Renevae, I hope to see some of you at the Letcher County picnic Sept. 29.

Ken Frazier, I hope you didn’t mind being called Keith in my column. My mistake not the paper’s!

I have a busy day ahead of me and the old clock is trying to get my attention. Until next time, thanks for the visit!

Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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