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Year ended sadly for many

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you get what you need in this new year. I made no resolutions this year for I never remember what I promise I will try and do different. I keep my promise to God that I will do His will in my life.

This last year had a very sad ending for lots of families that lost loved ones during the holidays. I guess death takes no holiday. My deepest sympathy to the families who did go through the heartbreak of losing their loved ones.

My heart goes out to the family of Maynard Hogg, Betty Jones, Don Sparkman, Allen Amburgey and all others.

Maynard had been a friend to so many folks. I will never forget him coming in the pharmacy and telling Ernie that now he could make his car payment. He was always the same no matter where you saw him.

Betty Jones was so much fun as we traveled with the senior citizens. She sure loved to tell us about her family. She loved them and was so proud of their accomplishments.

I remember Don Sparkman as a very nice man. Allen Amburgey I only knew from his wonderful singing. That man could sing!

I have the best neighbors. One is having a birthday this week. She sent Clester and me a peanut butter pie and, boy, was it good. Thank you, Wilma Holbrook. I hope you have a blessed week. All their family were together during the holidays but like ours, not all at the same time.

Randy, Jennifer, Jared and Ethan came in on Friday night to Tommy and Betty’s and then to our house the next day. They went to church at First Baptist on Christmas Eve.

Coolie, Janice and Ashley went to Johnson City on Saturday and then came by our house that evening. Tony and Katina also came by. Jared had pneumonia during Christmas and he was so sick, but it didn’t take him long to get back to enjoying his break.

Sha ron, Greg and Amanda came in on Christmas Day and stayed until Tuesday. Before she left she cooked a pot of brown beans and ham for me. Boy, they were good. She is a much better cook than me. Colson

Imogene Sexton, Joann Hall and Maxine Quillen went to Campbell’s Branch on Friday night. Imogene was surprised by her children, who brought a cake by and they all helped her celebrate. She is so enjoying herself and her children love to see her out having fun. Maxine said she met some cousins for the first time and loved meeting them.

Also having birthdays this week are my nephew, Keith Eric Baker, Diana Spangler Baker, Bobby Bates, Alice Lucas and Durand Brooks. Hope you all had a good day.

Alice is Brooklynn’s mamma and looking forward to another grandbaby this spring. We are all so excited it’s a boy!

The Colson Center had a big celebration all week long with exercise, Bingo and a little bit of this and that. There is always something going on at the centers; come and join in all the fun.

I almost forgot a birthday girl who is so loved, Mary Hart Isaacs. Her son Walker said he had been good before Christmas and wanted to know how much longer he had to keep it up. I’m with him on that! I know Chris, Walker and Tori helped Mary celebrate.

Stay warm and thank God for His many blessings.

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