Whitesburg KY

Year has gone by swiftly

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Did everyone have a safe Halloween and a good time trick or treating? I had one little Sponge Bob show up at my door, and of course I had no candy. I had a Minion book that I knew he wanted.

My daughter Angie called to see if I was going to be up as she wanted me to see my little sidekick Bennie’s costume. It was late and I didn’t want to get dressed to go get a candy bar, so I had bought him a book I knew he wanted for a treat. I had already set Bennie a card with money and a magic coloring book I know he loves.

Oh it doesn’t seem possible that it is getting Thanksgiving time already. As I might have said before, this year has swiftly gone by for me. I am still thinking about losing almost all of August.

Southern Ohio

At least I have good memories of attending the Shriners Festival at Roxana. I hope it wasn’t the last to be held there.

As I’ve watched the autumn leaves fall, my heart once again returned to the mountains I call home, even though I was there in October. There have really been some gorgeous colors in this area also. Now if I see one tree that has changed I can be thrilled.

Saturday, Beechwood Marching Band had semifinals at Russellville, and then Bowling Green. Due to health reasons I wasn’t able to go. It was supposed to rain, and it did. My daughter Anna Nottingham kept me informed on everything.

Beechwood was first place at Russellville, and first place at Bowling Green. Second place went to Murray, third to Williamstown, and fourth to Hazard.

I really like to watch Hazard Band of Gold as they have a good band. Not only that, I am glad to see a band from the mountains perform. Harlan didn’t make it to the semifinals.

I really wanted to go with Anna as this was an overnight trip, but I knew she would just worry about me as I really wasn’t able, yet my heart kept saying to go.

Anna told me that I could get the semifinals on the computer so I got to watch the bands. Beechwood goes to Indianapolis in a couple of weeks for the final competition.

I said I was going if Anna has to push me in a wheelchair, but then I changed my mind as she wears a boot on her right foot. She has a broken bone and she has to have surgery on two places on her foot in December. I guess it wouldn’t be nice of me to have her pushing me in a wheelchair.

I received a phone call from a cousin that I haven’t seen since she was a child. She lost both parents to a tragic circumstance. It was my Uncle Lee and Lorene Hall’s daughter Mahala Spangler. I have often wondered what happened to her and her sisters. Mahala posted a picture of Uncle Lee on Facebook, and it was wonderful talking to her.

This is the second time I have been connected with cousins. I have been in touch with Teresa Griffie, who is my uncle Ted Adams’s daughter. Teresa lives in Virginia, and I haven’t seen Teresa since she was a child either.

Facebook is such a wonderful way to reconnect, but there are creeps out there who use it to lure young children into destruction.

Now I do have to heed Pam and her sister’s advice to stay away from men who have tattoos and truck drivers. Right, Pam? She didn’t advise me not to get on a four-wheeler.

Ricky Caudill’s house is coming along great and he should be in it before cold weather sets in, at least I hope so. I know what a hard time Ricky had staying warm last winter.

Hello to Ricky’s carpenter Clarence Blair’s wife. She was surprised to see her husband’s name in The Mountain Eagle.

Happy birthday to my daughter Anna Nottingham and her “almost twin sister by different parents”, Loretta Wells Baggett, on Nov. 3. Loretta is the daughter of Shirley Wells from Marlowe.

Oma Hatton, it is good to see you back writing for The Eagle.

Happy anniversary to Les and Pat Wagner on Nov. 3. I haven’t talked to Pat this week, and I have to give them a call.

Hello to Becky Hasty, and Polly and Kelley.

Doyle and Betty Ison are trying to recuperate from their water line break. It about wore them out getting everything taken care of.

Hayward and Kim Day, I hope you are doing all right.

Johnny and Ann Calihan, I haven’t heard a peep from you so I assume everything is all right your way.

Hello to William Breeding of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and his uncle and friends.

Well, I have a lot to do so until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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