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You can help make your court system work better

To the Editor:

I am your citizen representative to the Kentucky Supreme Court’s Access to Justice Commission (KAJC). The KAJC is focused on making it easier for ordinary citizens to access the Kentucky courts with civil issues. One of my roles is to present your perspective on interactions with the civil courts of Kentucky and your thoughts on how to improve access.

I would like to thank those who gave me input before the last meeting in May of this year, and to solicit input for the next meeting in September.

One of the recent projects of the KAJC is assistance to veterans who find themselves in the civil courts. A tiered system is being developed to cover large-to-small courts. That system includes working closely with the Veterans Administration to assure that veterans have the help they need when they find themselves in the courts. If you are a veteran, or a court official, and would like your county to become a part of this effort, please contact me and I will put you in touch with someone who can help you.

The KAJC is also working on providing people who represent themselves in court with the capability to e-file their documents rather than hand-walk and handfile them. How to provide that e-filing effort to ordinary citizens will be a topic at the September 12 meeting of the KAJC.

If you have any thoughts on that issue — whether problems or suggestions — I would love to hear those thoughts before the meeting. I would also like to hear any thoughts you might have on any other topic concerning access to the courts.

You can reach me at ngcornett@aol.com or, if you do not have access to a computer, at 606-335-2073. If you can, I would prefer you to use email because having your thoughts in your words will reduce misunderstandings on my part.

Representative to the KAJC from
the Seventh Judicial District

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