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You won’t regret visit to Dale Hollow

Gabby’s fishing fever

There is a lake that lies in both the states of Kentucky and Tennessee and is famous for giving up the world record small mouth bass . is

Th lake also had the Kentucky state musky record for a while, is known as a trophy fishery for several fish, and is one of my favorite lakes to fish. This lake is known as Dale Hollow Lake.

I have had the enjoyment of fishing at Dale Hollow several times over the past few years and have always had great trips and caught a lot of good fish.

I have had reports of good small mouth action recently, mostly from the float and fly rig — a winter standard on this lake — that has helped many anglers catch the small mouth bass of their dreams. Crank baits, tube baits and jigs also catch a lot of winter small mouth on this lake.

Dale Hollow Lake has a surface area of around 43 square miles and was formed from the damming of the Obey River. Most of the areas close to the two state lines can be fished in certain areas by either a Kentucky or Tennessee fishing license. These are what as known as shared areas, but this is only in posted areas so ask or look before fishing.

One of the best-known small mouth bass anglers to come out of this area is Billy Westmoreland. He was from the area around the Celina, Tennessee, and was very well known as one of if not the best small mouth anglers to fish this lake.

I had the privilege to meet Mr. Westmoreland, who passed away in 2002, a few times over the years at fishing and boat shows. I told him about being an outdoor writer for many years and doing a lot in the field of fishing. He was a great man.

If you do get the chance to fish this great small mouth lake soon you will not regret it.

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