Whitesburg KY

Young cousins have tea party

I hope everyone is doing okay.

Clester and I have enjoyed having our daughter Sharon, her husband Greg, our granddaughter Amanda and great-granddaughter Rylee for the weekend. They also visited with Greg’s parents, Charlie and Wilma Holbrook.

Rylee hosted a tea party for her cousin Kaylee Grace Baker at our house. You should have seen them sipping from their cups. Rylee is four years old and Kaylee is three. Such joy they bring to our lives.

Edsel and Carol were also visiting with us. We miss the family when they return to their homes.

The Kids Day in Neon was a great success. Lots of kids and families attended even though the weather was not so warm. Thanks to all the committee, and especially those who volunteered. I know I won’t get everyone’s names but some who helped were: County Judge Jim Ward, Eddie Meade, Leslie Combs, Kevin Mullins and many others.

Ray and Yvonne Hall of Tiffin, Oh., were in Letcher County last week. Ray visited with his niece Carol and her husband Edsel Baker at Daniels Branch. Yvonne is a sister to Esther Wagner and they were guests of Robert and Esther. Colson

I have had a couple calls from folks out of town that need some information, but I don’t have the answers so maybe you can help. Where is Black Rob Bates buried? Where was his house located? Where is the Thomas Collins Cemetery located?

Our sympathy to Carol Sue Hall, as her aunt died this week. Carol lives in Shelby Fork at Deane.

These folks are sick, and we are praying for them: Willie Perry, Landon Sexton, Freda McFall, Sidney Willis Amburgey, John and Lizzie Hamilton, Jimmy Ray Slone, Ron Lester, Jack Cornett, and Ralph Caudill.

Ralph is the uncle of our son-in-law Greg Holbrook. Greg and his parents, Charlie and Wilma, visited with Ralph on Saturday. May God touch each of them.

Krystal Quillen’s brother, Hank Caudill, fell off of a 20-foot ladder while on his job in Huntington, W.Va., and he is really hurting so lift him up in prayer.

Congratulations to Mark Richardson and Amber Wurschmidt Richardson, who were married Saturday, Oct. 1. I know it was a beautiful wedding. We love you two and wish you the very best.

Happy birthday wishes to my sister Anita Redden; my nieces Larsey and Taylor Baker; Ashley Shea Benton; my nephews, Shad, Sean Douglas and Jagger Baker; and also to Zandra Perry, with whom I share a birthday.

The Whitesburg High School Class of 1961 will be having its 50th reunion this weekend. I hope and pray that every one of our classmates make an effort to attend. We have lost 34 of our classmates and they will be missed. We may never all be together again so please do come!

I talked to Dr. Billy Adams this week, he sent lots of information on our families and we thank him so much. He continues to support the Historical Society with articles for the newsletter. He has more to send!

I hope all of you have had a chance to see the giant’s statue in the Harry M. Caudill Library. Doug Adams and his students have done a marvelous job and we hope they will do one of the giant, Martin Van Buren Bates’s, wife, Anna. She was even taller than he was. Donations are being accepted for the bronze statue of the giant.

Be sure and attend your senior citizens center. What a blessing we receive when we do good for others.

May God bless.

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