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You’re almost at end of plan to get in shape

Three weeks left, almost there. I trust you are feeling well and everything is going okay. If you have not been following the plans, but would like to start this week email me and I will send you the plans, or go to http:// www.mountainhealth.blogspot.com.

Week 7 agenda

Low activity plan: Follow this plan if you are not very active in your daily life.

This week you should try and walk 35 minutes all at one time. The extra time this week should not be much of a problem. Do this everyday, or at least five days this week.

Moderate activity plan: Follow this plan if you normally walk or exercise, but want to get in better shape and increase the amount of exercise you want to be able to perform.

If following this plan you should perform a slow walk warm up for five minutes, increase your pace to where you notice yourself breathing a little bit harder for 40 minutes, then slow back down for five minutes. Try to do this everyday, but at least five days this week.

Running plan: Follow this plan if you are in a little better shape, but do not run much and you want to improve your conditioning.

For this week, you are going to run 28 minutes all at once. Remember, no more walking breaks from unless you absolutely must. Try to do this three to four times this week.

There you go, that’s week 7. Keep up the good work and don’t get too hot. Continue to drink plenty of water.

As always, in addition to improving your overall health, the goal of this is to get you to finish the Mountain Heritage 5K run/ walk. I encourage you to go ahead and sign-up for the race by contacting Rex Frohnapfel at 606-632-0820 or Ryan Sexton at 606-633-8888.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have. I enjoy reading or hearing any feedback you may want to give.

Paul H. Caudill, a native of Letcher County, is a fourthyear medical student at the University of Louisville. You may reach him by telephone at 1-859-533-0309 or by e-mail at phcaud01@gwise.louisville.edu

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