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Yvonne Bentley home from hospital

Well, here we are again folks with another week of nice weather. Thank goodness there was no snow.

I am so proud of my best friend, Yvonne Bentley. She is really a tough person. She had surgery last week and has made a remarkable recovery. She is now home and doing so much better than I thought she would be. Hang in there, and I hope some of that toughness you have rubs off onto me.

Also, my daughter-inlaw, Ellen, had to have three teeth out last week and is doing fine.

I went to the Hemphill Community Center last Saturday night to a fundraiser for the two children who are going to Europe in July. They are Corey Baker and Samantha Short, who will be performing in the Kentucky Ambassador of Music Band. Congratulations to these children.

We had a good time at the center. There was a variety of music, some great gospel music, and a special performance from the Millstone Methodist Church Drama Team. It is really nice to see a lot of children involved in community activities. I know the parents of these two children appreciate everyone for being there and for their support.

I got a call from Mag Mullins from Bevinsville, and it was nice to talk with her. I haven’t seen Mag in a long time. She is the daughter of the late Has and Cuba Johnson from Hemphill, and she would like to send birthday wishes out to Dakota Little, a son of Lisa and Justin Little from Topmost, and to Logan Goble, a son of Jessica and Mikey Goble from Hippo. They are also the grandsons of Woody and MaShanda Mullins of Bevinsville, and greatgrandsons of Mag Mullins.

Mag also has a grandson, Nick Orsborn, who is a senior at South Floyd High School. He was voted best dressed in his senior class. He is the son of Susie and Deany Orsborn, Congratulation to you, Nick.

This coming week on March 22 our archery team from Fleming-Neon Elementary will be going to Louisville to compete for the state championship. I am so proud of these boys and girls. There are quite a few girls on this team, and they can shoot really well. I am so thankful for after-school projects that these children can get involved in. Good luck, team! I hope you can bring home a trophy.

We had a great time listening to Gina Seals and The Highway 23 Band on Friday night at the center. I really wish you would come and join in on our fun times. On Friday nights it is somewhere that you can bring the whole family and enjoy clean, family fun. We have a variety of music when someone plays.

There is a lot of bluegrass, but it seems like every band will throw in a little of the oldies, sometimes country, and always a gospel song no matter who is playing. Keep up the good work, bands.

If you would like to come, the music starts at 7:30 p.m. and a concession is always available. This Friday night, March 19, East KY Tyme will be playing.

If you would like to rent the building for any occasion, my phone number is (606) 855-4191, and if you have any news that you would like to share, give me a call.

Hopefully I will be able to put another article in the paper next week. I enjoy doing this, and especially enjoy getting calls from people I haven’t seen or talked with in such a long time.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

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