Whitesburg KY
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Yvonne Sutphin has paintings in art show

We are still having warm weather for this time of year. It should help on our heat bills. I like a warm house so I don’t complain about my heat bill.

Not many coming or going is just a part of the winter season. We hope that everyone is doing well.

Several have been having cold and flu-like symptoms. Carl Bennett and Marsha were shut-ins for several days. I’m glad they are feeling better.

Happy birthday Feb. 9 to Jean Adkins of Sandlick Road.

Yvonne Brown Sutphin is chairman of this week’s Georgia Forman Art Show in Lynchburg, Va. She also has several paintings in the art show.

Remember in prayer all the people in need of heat and food during this ice storm in Kentucky. We were lucky here in eastern Kentucky to escape the ice storms and snowstorms this time.

Except for being homebound for days, Mattie Vern in Elizabethtown fared well though the storm. The power was off on streets near her, but hers stayed on and Russell was there to check on her and run errands.

Wesley Yonts and his friend, Deandra Faris of Morehead College, visited his grandparents, Duane and Anna Yonts, last Saturday.

Mae Boggs had this news: “I talked to my daughter, Becky, and my son, Kelly Boggs. Kelly is doing well after his heart attack. He had surgery and is still staying with Becky while recovering.

“He hopes to go home in two or three weeks, but has to wait for the ice and snow to get gone. I will go stay a week with him when he gets home.

“We are all glad that my daughter, Sonya, who lived in Illinois, has moved to Louisville, about five minutes away from her sister, Becky. She brought her job with her. She works for U.S. Bank.

“I had a note from my granddaughter, Kendra, at Eastern Kentucky University. This is her second year there. She said they had so much ice they closed the campus for a week.

“I had a short visit with my granddaughter, Leslie Pack Bailey, last Saturday. She lives in Louisa and teaches school there.”

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