Whitesburg KY

Yvonne Sutphin wins art awards


Yvonne Brown Sutphin of Lynchburg, Va., won first place in pastels at the Amherst City Art Show, and the Judges’ Merit Award at Smith Mountain Lake Art Show. Yvonne is visiting her sister Linda Combs and other family members and friends this week. She is the daughter of the late William and Hazel Brown of Ice.

Happy birthday to Robby Brown of Myrtle Beach, Ronnie and Carol Brown of Cowan, Patsy Nantz, Susie Day, Lillian Boggs and Jessica Boggs of Dry Fork, and to Arminta Ison Jenkins of Texas. Arminta was in Kentucky recently and plans to return in the spring. We hope she does.

We’re missing another cousin. Jeanette Day has moved on and left us. When some of us were little girls, she was the ‘big girl’ so we admired her and wanted to be like her. We know that some day we will be with her again, and we will indeed be like her.

Jeanette married young and had eight children. She was an old-fashioned, fulltime wife and mother, who loved unconditionally. All the friends of her children and grandchildren seemed to be naturally drawn to her home where they were welcomed, fed, and accepted. She became known as ‘Granny Day’ to most of the neighborhood, whether they were kin or not.

Jeanette thoroughly enjoyed our cousin gettogethers and trips. She especially loved her church, and her greatest desire, other than seeing all of her children saved, even after she was bedfast, was to get able to come back to church. Her presence and her beautiful singing are missed.

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