Now here’s a tip!

• Need a twist tie in an emergency? Check your coffee bag. Many bean bags sold these days — from the grocery store and specialty roasters alike — come in a bag with a twist tie built in, so you can fold the bag down and retain freshness. If you really need one, you can pull the twist tie off […]


RECAPS MAY 25 - 29

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — On Monday, in an episode originally aired Sept. 12, 2016, Dodger Stadium is the featured attraction in an episode that features Kiké Hernandez, who works with Rick to give Maya the thrill of a lifetime by allowing her to sing the National Anthem at a game. On Tuesday, in an episode that originally aired […]

Use newspaper to stay informed

Senior news

Has your Meals on Wheels expanded their service? In a number of areas, the program has taken on more volunteers or widened the area they cover, having received grants and other funding, giving more seniors the opportunity to have meals delivered. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, those meals might be covered, if you meet the qualifications. Some areas […]

Moments in time

• On May 30, 1899, amateur bandit Pearl Hart and her boyfriend Joe Boot hold up an Arizona stagecoach. After taking $421 in cash from three passengers, Hart took pity on them and handed each back $1 so they could buy something to eat when they arrived in town. • On May 28, 1902, Owen Wister’s “The Virginian” is published. […]

The Newsday Crossword

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How to calculate your cost savings of a hybrid

Car Talk

Dear Car Talk: At one time, hybrid cars clearly made sense. But with seriously improved gas mileage for all cars, is that still true? What formula can we use to decide if the extra cost of a hybrid is worth the improved gas mileage? — George It’s a good question, George. Now that there are so many hybrids available, it’s […]

Bible trivia

1. Is the book of Ezekiel in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. Who had 900 iron chariots and made 20 years of life unbearable for the Israelites? Tobiah, Pilate, Sisera, Absalom 3. How did God evaluate His work after six days, as all He made was …? Heavenly divine, Righteous sake, Thine image, Very good 4. Who […]

Now here’s a tip!

• “I found a small waste basket that fits right between the wall and my dryer. There’s a gap that’s about 8 inches wide. The lip of the basket keeps it from sliding down to the floor, so it’s easy to clean out the lint trap and put the waste in the basket. Also, I used a strip of hook-and-loop […]


RECAPS MAY 18 - 22

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — On Monday, in an episode originally aired January 9, 1991, Eric and Brooke are on their honeymoon in Southern California, first taking flight on a hot air balloon and winding up spending time at a desert oasis after horseback riding through the desert. Stephanie can’t get over the fact that Eric dumped her for […]

Bible trivia

1. Is the book of 2 Samuel in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. What’s the only Jesus miracle reported in all four gospels of the New Testament? Water to wine, Feeding of 5,000, Raising Lazarus, Red Sea parting 3. To which attendees of an event did Jesus refer to as “the salt of the earth”? Daniel’s visions, […]

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