Now here’s a tip!

• “If you have a bunch of picture frames that don’t match or ones that are nicked or have small cosmetic damages, just paint them. Choose a matching color for all, and you have a collection.” — T.L. in Florida • Kitchen tip: You can slice mushrooms in an egg slicer. • If your sneakers are smelly, try this: Stick […]


RECAPS – JAN. 18 - 22

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt interrupted Bill mid-workout to introduce him to a beautiful stranger. Separately, Finn and Hope refused to accept any excuses from Liam and Steffy. Liam begged for Hope’s forgiveness after his ultimate betrayal with Steffy. Flo hinted to an intrigued Summer that she has dirt on Sally Spectra. Finn put Steffy on the spot […]

Ordering your free credit reports

Senior News

For years we’ve been able to get one free credit report per year from each of the three credit bureaus. Right now, we’re able to get a free one each week until the middle of April. Why? Their generosity is likely due to the astronomical number of scams coming out of the COVID crisis. The number of unemployed crooks has […]

This week’s top videos and DVDs

Video on Demand 1. Honest Thief (PG-13) Liam Neeson 2. The War with Grandpa (PG) Robert De Niro 3. The Croods: A New Age (PG) animated 4. Unhinged (R) Russell Crowe 5. Hunter Hunter (NR) Camille Sullivan 6. Shadow in the Cloud (R) Chloe Grace Moretz 7. Fatman (R) Mel Gibson 8. Buddy Games (R) Dan Bakkedahl 9. All My […]

Moments in time

• On Jan. 19, 1809, poet, author and literary critic Edgar Allan Poe is born in Boston. In 1836 Poe married his 13-year-old cousin, Virginia Clemm, and completed his first full-length work of fiction, “Arthur Gordon Pym.” • On Jan. 23, 1941, Charles Lindbergh, a national hero since his nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic, testifies before Congress and suggests […]

Bible trivia

1. Is the book of Samaria in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. In 1 Peter 2, all believers are called to be part of a royal …? Family, Priesthood, Flock, Wedding 3. From Judges 11, what judge of Israel was a prostitute’s son? Hosea, Jephthah, Samson, Lot 4. In Revelation 12:3, how is Satan depicted? Silver goat, […]


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Emergency flashers can help navigate highway hazards

Car Talk

Dear Car Talk: I travel on a busy, dangerous, three-lane highway in our area. I like to drive in the right lane at 70 mph. People continually pass me, so it’s safe to assume they’re speeding. If there’s an emergency vehicle on the shoulder, my state law dictates that I move to the middle lane. If the middle lane is […]

Trivia test

1. GEOGRAPHY: What is the longest river in Asia? 2. TELEVISION: What is the name of the trashcan dweller in PBS’ “Sesame Street”? 3. FOOD & DRINK: What kind of nuts are used to make marzipan? 4. MOVIES: What incantation did the fairy godmother use to transform the character in Disney’s animated “Cinderella”? 5. MEDICAL: What is a more common […]

Now here’s a tip!

• N.B. of Texas, writes: “I never could find the time to exercise. When I got home, I had to rush to get supper, etc., and afterward all I wanted to do was plop down and watch television. Then I got an exercise mat and a stationary bicycle. When I couldn’t work out very long, I worked out during commercials. […]

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